Saturday, December 27

Saturday's Good

Helloes.. :b
Haven't done much today, since it's vacation. Took a trip to the library, 'cause i had to return some musicbooks, besides that, i haven't done anything all day. A bit boring :b, tomorrow will be better. I'm going to a party with the taekwondo-people from my school, going to be fun :b.
I have nothing to do, or wear for that sake, new years-eve, how sad is that? Me and my 3 girlfriends, can't find anywhere to go (like a party-thing), so we'll probably end up staying at my dad's place, since he's spending new years-eve with his girlfriend. Hmm....
Today's outfit:

Im wearing: black shoes from Face, jeans from Diesel, t-shirt with tweedey-print from H&M - Kids (is that right?), long blue cardigan from BikBok, hairband from H&M, scarf from H&M.

Having Fun With: Polyvore


Blazer - Topshop
Jeans - Dr. Denim
Blouse - Papfar's Pige
Scarf - ? (I think Dixie)
Bag - Dixie
Shoes -

Boyfriend Blazer by Bosa2401


Hellos.. :b
So, it's (actually, in my opinion) almost my 17th birthday.. :b
I'm turning 17 the 24th of January (i think that's soon :b), so i'm looking for stuff i can put on my wishlist.. :b
My wishlist this christmas contained 3 things, i got all 3, so what do i do now? hmmm...
I looked at Topshop (though i know i'm not gonna get anything from there) and i found some clothes i like.. :b
Large zip around purse
Blue oversized mens shirt
White long sleeved t-shirt (made of wool, really comfortable, and only 30 pounds..!)
Black studded clutch-bag
Grey cut-off denim mini-skirt
Black pencil skirt
Silk two-toned lantern dress (me likey!)
Purple jersey bandeau dress (i'm gonna buy this for the next party at my school! i love it :b)
Gotta love Topshop. At least i do.
Also, the karaoke-thing with my friends got cancelled 'cause one of the girls had and date (or something like that) with her boyfriend, too bad for me and the rest of the girls.
Getting very tired now, it's 3.14 at night, more blogging tomorrow :b.
Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, December 25

The 25th

Ok, so today is about my presents :b

I got:
A piano
A bench for my piano
Big headphones
Small headphones
An USB-mouse for my portable pc
Brown hairband
Brown, grey, black and white scarf
A heart-necklace (which i've forgotten in Copenhagen >.<) Lightblue bracelet (A very early present, which i got in november) Boots from Mentor Two darkgreen towels, one big and one small And of course (or not) a 5-days-long trip to London with my mom and my bigsister February 2009 :) can't wait! Here's some pictures :b

Ok, so the next thing in my calender this month, is karaoke-evening with my girlfriends this saturdat, it's going to be so much fun..! I kinda love karaoke :b besides that, there's only party sunday, and new year's eve the 31th. I haven't anything else to do the rest of the holiday, besides that, and i haven't even found a place to party the 31st yet, that's definitely not good, since it's in less than a week. But i'll probably figure something out. I got a lot of friends now, so :b

London, London, London... Looking forward to meeting you :b

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, December 22

Party of the year!

This friday (the 19th) i went to the last party on my school this year..
It was the best party ever..! I had a blast, made a lot of friends and, well, it was a perfect party (almost).. Now i cant wait until the next party in february...
- Classmates singing ''Bohemian Rapsody'' by Queen.

- Me (the redhead) and 2 of my friends from my class.

- ''Wannabe-snow'' at the dancefloor + 2 girls from my class.

That night i was wearing: silver sequin-dress from H&M used as top, black highwaisted skirt from Ichi, purple waist-belt from ?, black shiny leggings from H&M, silver (almost)flats from ?, no jewelry actually (didnt have time to pick out what jewelry i wanted to wear). lots of mascara (brown): Rimmel - Extra Super Lash and L'Oreal - Lash Arcitect, brown eyeshadow, and hairspray from L'Oreal aswell.

Its almost Christmasday .. !! :b im leaving tuesday, to be with my family (and get lot of good food, trust me, my aunt is the best christmas-food-cook ever!).. cant wait.. :b though it doesnt exactly feel like christmas to me yet, ive been so busy lately its crazy, but when im with my family i alway get in christmas-mood :b looking forward to it, very much :)

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, December 14

Merry december :b

Hi folks!

Sorry for my lack of posting lately, but i've been so busy the last 4 weeks, it's totally crazy. Haven't had a day off until last friday (the 12th). The reason i've been busy, is that i've been in a musical on my school. We made a remake of the movie ''Some Like It Hot'' (with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon).

Love the movie by the way, i can definitely recommend it. Anyways, our musical turned out very good, and we had a blast making it, though everyone got the flu in the end (including me), and we had to use a lot of our freetime (24 hours a week) to make it. But it was very funny. I made a lot of friends, and i got a lot of great memories out of it.

I haven't had time, or money, to shop for clothes this month at all. The only thing i've bought is a tank-top from Divided, which i love by the way. Luckily.

I'm saving up money for my shoppingtrip to London this february with my mom and my youngest bigsister. Very excited and looking forward to it. I'm hoping that i'll find (and buy) a lot of smart clothing over there.

Merry 14th of december! There's only 10 days left 'til christmas eve, looking forward.

Love, Rosa.