Thursday, December 25

The 25th

Ok, so today is about my presents :b

I got:
A piano
A bench for my piano
Big headphones
Small headphones
An USB-mouse for my portable pc
Brown hairband
Brown, grey, black and white scarf
A heart-necklace (which i've forgotten in Copenhagen >.<) Lightblue bracelet (A very early present, which i got in november) Boots from Mentor Two darkgreen towels, one big and one small And of course (or not) a 5-days-long trip to London with my mom and my bigsister February 2009 :) can't wait! Here's some pictures :b

Ok, so the next thing in my calender this month, is karaoke-evening with my girlfriends this saturdat, it's going to be so much fun..! I kinda love karaoke :b besides that, there's only party sunday, and new year's eve the 31th. I haven't anything else to do the rest of the holiday, besides that, and i haven't even found a place to party the 31st yet, that's definitely not good, since it's in less than a week. But i'll probably figure something out. I got a lot of friends now, so :b

London, London, London... Looking forward to meeting you :b

Love, Rosa <3

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