Saturday, December 27


Hellos.. :b
So, it's (actually, in my opinion) almost my 17th birthday.. :b
I'm turning 17 the 24th of January (i think that's soon :b), so i'm looking for stuff i can put on my wishlist.. :b
My wishlist this christmas contained 3 things, i got all 3, so what do i do now? hmmm...
I looked at Topshop (though i know i'm not gonna get anything from there) and i found some clothes i like.. :b
Large zip around purse
Blue oversized mens shirt
White long sleeved t-shirt (made of wool, really comfortable, and only 30 pounds..!)
Black studded clutch-bag
Grey cut-off denim mini-skirt
Black pencil skirt
Silk two-toned lantern dress (me likey!)
Purple jersey bandeau dress (i'm gonna buy this for the next party at my school! i love it :b)
Gotta love Topshop. At least i do.
Also, the karaoke-thing with my friends got cancelled 'cause one of the girls had and date (or something like that) with her boyfriend, too bad for me and the rest of the girls.
Getting very tired now, it's 3.14 at night, more blogging tomorrow :b.
Love, Rosa <3

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