Sunday, December 14

Merry december :b

Hi folks!

Sorry for my lack of posting lately, but i've been so busy the last 4 weeks, it's totally crazy. Haven't had a day off until last friday (the 12th). The reason i've been busy, is that i've been in a musical on my school. We made a remake of the movie ''Some Like It Hot'' (with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon).

Love the movie by the way, i can definitely recommend it. Anyways, our musical turned out very good, and we had a blast making it, though everyone got the flu in the end (including me), and we had to use a lot of our freetime (24 hours a week) to make it. But it was very funny. I made a lot of friends, and i got a lot of great memories out of it.

I haven't had time, or money, to shop for clothes this month at all. The only thing i've bought is a tank-top from Divided, which i love by the way. Luckily.

I'm saving up money for my shoppingtrip to London this february with my mom and my youngest bigsister. Very excited and looking forward to it. I'm hoping that i'll find (and buy) a lot of smart clothing over there.

Merry 14th of december! There's only 10 days left 'til christmas eve, looking forward.

Love, Rosa.

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