Monday, December 22

Party of the year!

This friday (the 19th) i went to the last party on my school this year..
It was the best party ever..! I had a blast, made a lot of friends and, well, it was a perfect party (almost).. Now i cant wait until the next party in february...
- Classmates singing ''Bohemian Rapsody'' by Queen.

- Me (the redhead) and 2 of my friends from my class.

- ''Wannabe-snow'' at the dancefloor + 2 girls from my class.

That night i was wearing: silver sequin-dress from H&M used as top, black highwaisted skirt from Ichi, purple waist-belt from ?, black shiny leggings from H&M, silver (almost)flats from ?, no jewelry actually (didnt have time to pick out what jewelry i wanted to wear). lots of mascara (brown): Rimmel - Extra Super Lash and L'Oreal - Lash Arcitect, brown eyeshadow, and hairspray from L'Oreal aswell.

Its almost Christmasday .. !! :b im leaving tuesday, to be with my family (and get lot of good food, trust me, my aunt is the best christmas-food-cook ever!).. cant wait.. :b though it doesnt exactly feel like christmas to me yet, ive been so busy lately its crazy, but when im with my family i alway get in christmas-mood :b looking forward to it, very much :)

Love, Rosa <3

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