Saturday, December 27

Saturday's Good

Helloes.. :b
Haven't done much today, since it's vacation. Took a trip to the library, 'cause i had to return some musicbooks, besides that, i haven't done anything all day. A bit boring :b, tomorrow will be better. I'm going to a party with the taekwondo-people from my school, going to be fun :b.
I have nothing to do, or wear for that sake, new years-eve, how sad is that? Me and my 3 girlfriends, can't find anywhere to go (like a party-thing), so we'll probably end up staying at my dad's place, since he's spending new years-eve with his girlfriend. Hmm....
Today's outfit:

Im wearing: black shoes from Face, jeans from Diesel, t-shirt with tweedey-print from H&M - Kids (is that right?), long blue cardigan from BikBok, hairband from H&M, scarf from H&M.

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