Friday, January 30

I'm back again

Im back again, after almost 3 weeks without my adapter :). Finally i can start adding pictures again. Unfortunately im at my moms right now, so dont really have a camera to take pics of my clothes today right now, but i will a bit later :).

Right now, im looking at clothes from Topshop and American Apparel. Im planning what i want to buy when im going to London in a week. Really really really cant wait. Im so excited :) !

Picks so far:
- You gotta love American Apparel ;).
Ill be back :).
Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, January 25


I had a blast.. :b

I woke up 8.45, and my family was supposed to come and sing for me at 10.00 so i had to lie in my bed for over an hour waiting for them. Well, then at 10.15 they came and sang for me, while i pretended to be asleep :b. Then i opened my presents, and then we ate brunch. Then me, my mom and my oldest bigsister went shopping. I had to buy a dress for the party, and i found this from H&M. Its kinda old-news by now, but i still love it, so i just had to have it.

Then we went back, i hate to clean my room, and short time after the first guests arrived at 17.00. At 20.00 all the guests had arrived, and we partied until they went home again.
Dont know about the others, but i think it was a great party, until my girlfriends started watching tv.

This morning when i woke up, i started cleaning the whole house right away. It took me 2,5 hours to clean the mess up. But whatever, it was worth it :).

Only 2 weeks 'til its London-time..! In exactly 2 weeks i'll be walking around in Madame Tussauds, seriously, i cant wait..! I need to shop now! :)

Well, thats it for now. :)

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, January 23


It's my birthday tomorrow, my family is going to wake me up at 10.00 am, and then there's brunch. Then i have to go buy a dress for the party tomorrow night, cause i have absolutely nothing to wear, and the hostess always have to look good :b. I cant wait, though its going to be a small party, but whatever, we're gonna have lots of fun anyways :). Im off for now. Still no sign of my adapter, but now they only have 2 weeks to send it back to me, so hopefully i'll get it back soon, so i can start adding pictures again :).

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, January 11

Waiting for spring to arrive

Though we're only in january, and there's less than 2 weeks 'til it's my birthday, i just feel like..
It need to get warmer outside right away..! I'm tired of wearing big boots to school and closed shoes (without holes) so my feet don't get totally wet by all the snow or the rain (yes, i absolutely hate the danish weather, though we've only had snow in like a week or so)...
And it's freaking cold outside in the morning... argh!

Please, just let it be february so i can go to London, and then let it be march or april..! :b that could be really good...

Btw, my adapter still hasn't arrived, so no pictures yet.. :/

I'm off to do homework (got 5 hand-ins to do :(.. )

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, January 6

First day of school

Today i didn't do much, met late, since the 2 first lessons were cancelled, that was quite nice.. :b
Besides that, i went to training after school, and home again.. And that was my day.. ^^
First day of school yesterday.. Was good to finally see all of my friends again :b
Had a great day though it was quite to get up in the morning, and having lessons again.
What i wore: Black shoes from Face, grey cardigan from H&M, darkgrey dress from Jam Jeans, black shiny leggings from H&M, blue and black scarf from

Saturday, January 3

Wang '09

I got one word....

.. genius.. ! :b

Love, Rosa <3

New shoes

Hello again :)
Since i'm ill today, i don't really have an outfit i wan't to show, 'cause i'm just lying (almost dead) in my bed, but i promise i'll post an outfit tomorrow. Still have to go clean my moms appartement though.
I just bought these today, at a danish site called They're from H&M, and i had to buy them, though i promised my mom i wouldn't buy anything until London. But i've been looking for them everywhere, and now i finally found them, and they did only cost 21 pounds/30$ ! But they're very high-heeled for a girl who's already 5'11'' (they're 3,6'').

What do you think of tall girls wearing high heels?

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!

Hello folks, happy new year.. :b
Hope everyone had a great time last night :)

This is what i wore yesterday, how come i look so punkish on the pictures :S ?
Anyways, i didn't wear the hat when my friends came over :b

What i wore: Grey knee-socks from H&M (rolled down), shiny leggings from H&M, long black ribbed tank-top from H&M, long grey cardigan from H&M (surprise!), silver guitar-necklace from Asos, darkgrey hat from ?? (my dads btw) and lots of brown make-up :b.

This outfit is from the 3rd of december, just forgot to show it in my blog.. :b
What i wore: blue cardigan from Thelin, darkgrey dress from Jam Jeans, black scarf (not on the picture) from (bought at, shiny leggings from H&M, leather ballerinas from Pieces.
That's about it for now, im off to try more clothes.. :b
Love, Rosa <3