Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!

Hello folks, happy new year.. :b
Hope everyone had a great time last night :)

This is what i wore yesterday, how come i look so punkish on the pictures :S ?
Anyways, i didn't wear the hat when my friends came over :b

What i wore: Grey knee-socks from H&M (rolled down), shiny leggings from H&M, long black ribbed tank-top from H&M, long grey cardigan from H&M (surprise!), silver guitar-necklace from Asos, darkgrey hat from ?? (my dads btw) and lots of brown make-up :b.

This outfit is from the 3rd of december, just forgot to show it in my blog.. :b
What i wore: blue cardigan from Thelin, darkgrey dress from Jam Jeans, black scarf (not on the picture) from (bought at, shiny leggings from H&M, leather ballerinas from Pieces.
That's about it for now, im off to try more clothes.. :b
Love, Rosa <3

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