Sunday, January 11

Waiting for spring to arrive

Though we're only in january, and there's less than 2 weeks 'til it's my birthday, i just feel like..
It need to get warmer outside right away..! I'm tired of wearing big boots to school and closed shoes (without holes) so my feet don't get totally wet by all the snow or the rain (yes, i absolutely hate the danish weather, though we've only had snow in like a week or so)...
And it's freaking cold outside in the morning... argh!

Please, just let it be february so i can go to London, and then let it be march or april..! :b that could be really good...

Btw, my adapter still hasn't arrived, so no pictures yet.. :/

I'm off to do homework (got 5 hand-ins to do :(.. )

Love, Rosa <3

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