Friday, February 27


- Gisele Bündchen by Craig McDean, march 09.
Love this girl, she's the best model ever!
Tomorrow im going to the qualification-rounds for the danish championships in taekwondo. Im very nervous since its my first tournament in a year. I hope i win, could be really nice after my long break.
Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, February 25

Fringe Festival

- Lily Donaldson in Vogue UK, march 09. Photographer: Nick Knight.

Ed + Helena = Gorgeousness

Love this editorial. One of my favourite models, and i absolutely adore Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl.
- From Harper's Bazaar, march '09. With Helena Christensen and Ed Westwick.

Monday, February 23

Playing Wangish

Having fun at home before going to bed.. :b figuring out what i want to wear tomorrow, maybe something like this, just with thicker tights cause its cold outside, and of course a cardigan or something like that :)

What im wearing: DIY tighst, shoes from Urban Outfitters, scarf from American Apparel, leatherjacket from Primark, white tank from H&M, bag from Aldo, denim shorts from Zara, hat from somewhere (?).

Lazy monday

Didnt happen much today, just like yesterday. Looking forward for tomorrow, and for the weekend of course, which is now only 4 days away.

What i wore: black shiny leggings from H&M, black shoes from Urban Outfitters, long navy cardigan from BikBok, darkgrey babydoll-dress from Jam Jeans, purple circle scarf from American Apparel.

Sunday, February 22


Went to a party at my school last friday (the 20th). Lot of fun! The dress im wearing is actually more purple than on picture (i dont know whats wrong with my camera).

What i wore: purple le sac dress from American Apparel, black shiny leggings from H&M, golden necklace from Glitter, golden earrings from Pilgrim, black faux leather ballerinas from Pieces. (black babydoll jacket from H&M divided, black from Aldo + brown smaller bag from H&M.

Saturday, February 21

Gina Tricot

Finally they ship to Denmark!!
Cant wait to use all my future money on clothes from Gina Tricot. Simply love it.

Thursday, February 19


Im so stressed, have had 2 hours to make 2 hand-ins tomorrow... Argh!

- Lily Donaldson, my favourite model at the moment.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, February 18

Wang fall 09

Wang dissappointed me a bit, but only a bit! I love him as always, but his new collection just wasn't that special to me. I did find some outfits i liked though. Here's 3 of them.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, February 17


Isnt it totally cute ?

- Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, 230 euro.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, February 16

Schoulers black fall

Proenza Schoulers pre-fall collection.. i love absolutely everything about it: the layering, the different materials, black, blue and brown, the skirts. Its raw but still elegant and stylish. Like it very very much!

Actually went to fitness for the first time in my life today, and i actually went there twice in one day! After school, and then again tonight. Cant wait to join my friends at yoga this thursday.
Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, February 14


Since i am 5'11'' at 17 (have been since i was 14 years), and i dont always think its easy to be tall, it really moved me when i read this not so long ago. I mean, its kind of hard, for an example if you want to walk in high-heeled shoes (at least while youre still in school), you have to find shoes that are 3'' or less, or else you'll just be taller than everyone else. So when i read this article, i became happy.

By Patricia Marx
Call me five foot three. But also call me a liar. I am five foot one and a half on a good posture day. Well, five foot one. I started life as a runty baby, grew ever so slightly to become a short child, and eventually became a not terribly grown-up grown-up. I am not complaining, at least not for a few sentences. Plenty of people are shorter than I am, and not all of them are still in school. Moreover, I am not permanently short, since I can put on very high heels – and do. Sometimes I even put on Rollerblades, and let me tell you, if you don’t already know, looking down on the world from the lofty stature of five foot five is almost like being Zeus. At the end of the day, however, if you happen to be in the company of polite society or in bed, which I occasionally am, you must take off the Rollerblades. But I am still not complaining, at least for a few more sentences. Being an undersize comes with advantages. As a kindergartner, you tend to look like a toddler, which means that all you must do to be considered highly intelligent is not drool. Utter a simple sentence and you rate as a genius. In your teenage years, you can be anything you want to be as long as what you want to be is the cheerleader on the tippy top of the human pyramid. Later, you will make a fine chimney sweep. And that, I am sorry to say, is about it as far as benefits go. Tall people, some studies have shown, tend to be more successful, more admired, smarter, and something makes me think they have better cell-phone connections, too. Height it has been determined by the people who look into this sort of thing, is more important than gender in determining income – an extra inch corresponds to an additional 789 dollars a year in pay. A recent study in England found that for every inch taller a man is than his romantic rival (in speed-dating sessions, at least), the number of women who want to meet him increases about 5 percent. Don’t be so surprised. You’ve never heard the phrase diminutive, dark and handsome, have you? Nor, by the way, have you ever heard a parent say to a child, ‘’eat this spinach so you will grow up to be little and strong.’’ Short people, it is true, do live longer, but with all those, ahem, shortcomings, what, really, is the point? Now comes the complaining. It is not fair that I cannot, without putting on pounds, consume as many calories as do the more altitudinous. It is not fair that pint-size people are ever said to have Osama bin Ladin complexes. It is not fair that we wee individuals are evidently considered too lightweight to be president. The last shorter-than-average American president, in fact, was five-foot-seven William McKinley, elected in 1896. But I am not complaining. I don’t want to be president. What I do want is to be five foot ten and a half.
- (Taken from Vogue, April ’07)

Love, Rosa <3

Lanvin pre-fall '09

- So glamourous, i love it.
Love, Rosa <3>

Friday, February 13

The 12th

Today im wearing a lot of my new clothing :)
Didnt do anything, but i wanted to wear it, cause i like wearing new clothes..
Didnt wear my new leather-jacket (though im wearing it on the 2 last pictures), its a bit too cold outside for that.
My hair is a bit curly today.. :b

Im wearing: navy circle scarf from American Apparel, green dress with pockets from American Apparel, black jacket from H&M Divided, shiny leggings from H&M, white shoes from Urban Outfitters, grey socks from H&M, black bag from Aldo, black leather-jacket from Primark.

Thursday, February 12


Im behind soooo... I have to figure something out, haha :b
Love this picture of Kate Moss.

- Picture of a poster of Kate Moss in Madame Tussaud's, Baker Street, London.

London shopping

I wanna show what ive bought while i was in London:

This is everything i bought while i was in London. There's clothes and other stuff for about 340 pounds.

This leather-jacket (real leather) is from Primark. It was only 24.47 pounds!

I bought these shoes in Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street. I decided to buy them in both black and white. They were only 12 pounds each.

This bag is from Aldo. It was only 40 pounds, and i got it for 35 pounds because im a student.

This tee is from American Apparel. Its very loose, the fabric is wonderful and it has sleeves (looks like it doesnt on the picture). The neck is a bit big, so you can very it across (is that what its called? down your shoulder??) your shoulder. I can use it as both a tee and a dress. 23 pounds.

This a high-waisted skirt with pockets from American Apparel. Ive been looking at this skirt on the net forever, and now i finally got the chance to buy it, so of course, i bought it! Cant wait to spend more money on the American Apparel net-shop, love their clothes. 22 pounds.

This blazer is from Topshop. It was 50 pounds, a bit expensive, but the blazer is very nice. It has 3/4 sleeves.

2 tanks from H&M - Divided. Theyre bought 2 sizes too big so i can use them as dresses or as loose tanks. Already got one in blue. 4.99 pounds each.

Shorts from Zara. Perfect for summer. 25 pounds (i think).

This dress is from American Apparel. Its really comfortable to wear. It has pockets, and the neckline is made so it can hang over one shoulder. 29 pounds.

Le Sac dress from American Apparel. Can be used as a dress in many different ways, and also as a skirt. It was 34 pounds.

These are circle scarves from American Apparel. Ive been wanting one of those forever. I can use it as a cardigan, a scarf, a skirt and a dress. Very versatile. It was 23 pounds each.

Knitted vest from H&M - Divided. Been looking for a knitted vest for a long time, but theyre a bit expensive in Denmark some of them. This was only 10 pounds, which is less than 100 danish kroner. Now i need a long grey one also.
CDs and DVDs are very cheap in London, so i bought Amy Winehouse - Back In Black, Duffy - Rockferry (Deluxe Edition), Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (Reloaded), Breakfast at Tiffany's and Step Up.

From the left: Vogue left, Elle UK, Vogue UK, TeenVogue US. Above: Jelly Belly beans (i looooove them, think i bought double as many as theres left on the picture, maybe even more).

That was what i bought while i was in London. Almost couldnt bring it back to Denmark with me, cause i didnt have any place to have it. Luckily i bought a bag, so i could have some of it in it. Cant wait to wear it to school.

Love, Rosa <3