Thursday, February 12

London shopping

I wanna show what ive bought while i was in London:

This is everything i bought while i was in London. There's clothes and other stuff for about 340 pounds.

This leather-jacket (real leather) is from Primark. It was only 24.47 pounds!

I bought these shoes in Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street. I decided to buy them in both black and white. They were only 12 pounds each.

This bag is from Aldo. It was only 40 pounds, and i got it for 35 pounds because im a student.

This tee is from American Apparel. Its very loose, the fabric is wonderful and it has sleeves (looks like it doesnt on the picture). The neck is a bit big, so you can very it across (is that what its called? down your shoulder??) your shoulder. I can use it as both a tee and a dress. 23 pounds.

This a high-waisted skirt with pockets from American Apparel. Ive been looking at this skirt on the net forever, and now i finally got the chance to buy it, so of course, i bought it! Cant wait to spend more money on the American Apparel net-shop, love their clothes. 22 pounds.

This blazer is from Topshop. It was 50 pounds, a bit expensive, but the blazer is very nice. It has 3/4 sleeves.

2 tanks from H&M - Divided. Theyre bought 2 sizes too big so i can use them as dresses or as loose tanks. Already got one in blue. 4.99 pounds each.

Shorts from Zara. Perfect for summer. 25 pounds (i think).

This dress is from American Apparel. Its really comfortable to wear. It has pockets, and the neckline is made so it can hang over one shoulder. 29 pounds.

Le Sac dress from American Apparel. Can be used as a dress in many different ways, and also as a skirt. It was 34 pounds.

These are circle scarves from American Apparel. Ive been wanting one of those forever. I can use it as a cardigan, a scarf, a skirt and a dress. Very versatile. It was 23 pounds each.

Knitted vest from H&M - Divided. Been looking for a knitted vest for a long time, but theyre a bit expensive in Denmark some of them. This was only 10 pounds, which is less than 100 danish kroner. Now i need a long grey one also.
CDs and DVDs are very cheap in London, so i bought Amy Winehouse - Back In Black, Duffy - Rockferry (Deluxe Edition), Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (Reloaded), Breakfast at Tiffany's and Step Up.

From the left: Vogue left, Elle UK, Vogue UK, TeenVogue US. Above: Jelly Belly beans (i looooove them, think i bought double as many as theres left on the picture, maybe even more).

That was what i bought while i was in London. Almost couldnt bring it back to Denmark with me, cause i didnt have any place to have it. Luckily i bought a bag, so i could have some of it in it. Cant wait to wear it to school.

Love, Rosa <3

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