Tuesday, March 31

Feeling girly

I overslept once again this morning, so i just thought ''oh well, at least it's only 2 french lessons'' (by the way, i have to say, i hate my teacher!). Hopefully it won't happen again tomorrow, i can't afford to miss all those lessons. Besides that not much happened today. Went to school, went home, relaxed for a long time, didn't do any homework (almost spring break!!!), and now i'm gonna go take a shower soon. That's it.

What i wore: cardigan, leggings and bag from H&M, tank and necklace from H&M Divided, scarf and skirt from American Apparel, jacket from Nümph, bracelet from Glitter and shoes from Urban Outfitters.

Love, Rosa <3


2 new necklaces and a new mascara. The peace-necklace is from H&M Divided, the other is from H&M. The mascara is from MaxFactor, it's the ''False Lash Effect''-mascara, it's got a huge rubber brush.
Love, Rosa <3

Monday, March 30

Grey, grey, grey

Not much to say about todays outfit, except i hate the cardigan and i love the necklace.

I had the weirdest morning ever. Woke up and looked at my clock, it said 7.5o (i had to go at 7.45), so i just said to myself ''well, whatever, ill just skip the 2 first lessons, but then i wrote to my mom ''mom, i overslept this morning, skipping the 2 first lessons'' but then she wrote ''when will you have to catch the bus?'' i wrote ''at 7.48 normally''. Then she wrote ''Rosa, its 7.26'' (at that time i was still lying in my bed) and i was just like ''what ?! but my watch says its 8.26!'' so guess what, i had to hurry quite much. Stupid daylight saving time-thing. At least i made it to the bus in time, and arrived at school in time as well.
Im gonna be home alone the whole week, since my dad's in Berlin. Finally home alone.
Also, im trying my best to sell my sequinsdress and my gucci-belt. Anyone interested in a Gucci-belt?
Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, March 29

The 25th

- Dress from Asos.com

The 25th (or is it the 26th?) im going to a party at my school, and im considering buying this dress to wear at the party. What do you think?

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, March 28


- Blake Lively at the Late Show.

Normally im really not a big fan of pink, but i think the color suits Blake Lively very well. Im only missing a bracelet or some rings.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, March 27

Lazy friday

- just sitting alone in my room, doing nothing...

Wednesday, March 25


I was late for the bus, so i found an excuse to catch up on the missing blog for yesterday :b.
Wish all of these are mine. The Wayfarers will be soon, but it's like i dont have any money this or the next month. So shopping will have to wait.
Love, Rosa <3

Monday, March 23

Isn't it..

cute ??

Here are some other outfits i find really cool :)

Pictures found at http://www.fashionising.com/ - Danish street-style!
Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, March 22

Looklet: Black & Green

- outfit put together by me. http://www.looklet.com/
Sorry for not blogging lately, i've had a very busy weekend. Seriously busy, but very fun :).
More blogging tomorrow! :D
Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, March 19

Fringy bag

It's from H&M! I love it, and it's mine now.
Cant wait for tonight. Going to the Confessions of a Shopaholic pre-premiere-thing with my friends. We're getting goodie-bags, and we have to be dressed up and stuff. Gonna be a lotta fun, i think.
Love, Rosa <3

Rachel Bilson + Fringe

- Rachel Bilson and the fringed dress...
Love it, though i think somehow i would look better with darker grey tights or black, or maybe it's just me?
Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, March 17

Money, money, money

- all from H&M.
Dont you just love the small jackets and that bag? Going to get the black jacket and the bag when i get some more money. Probably never gonna happen.
Love, Rosa <3


Finally warm enough to wear my beloved summer jacket!!
A girl actually said to me that she liked it, and asked me where i bought it. Too bad for her, i bought it last year, and you cant buy it anymore.

What i wore: jacket from Nümph, bag from Aldo, scarf from American Apparel, leggings from H&M, dress from Jam Jeans, shoes from Urban Outfitters, cardigan from Thelin, socks from H&M, necklace from Glitter.

Sunday, March 15

More from London '09

A few edited photos from my trip to London.
I've been doing homework since 14.00 today, and im totally exhausted. Suddenly when i was taking a shower, i remembered that i had 2 more hand-ins for tomorrow to do, and i only have 1 hour to do them now. Isnt that crappy?
Promise ill be blogging outfit tomorrow! Nothing special to show from today, it is sunday after all.
Cant wait for the next weekend!
Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, March 14

Grand Glam

- from Vogue Germany, april 09.
Grand Glam by Alexi Lubomirski.
Model: Doutzen Kroes
Love this editorial. Love the style, the model, and especially the black/white photos.
Love, Rosa <3

Friday, March 13


Promised more pictures. Here they are - just a little edited.. :)
Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, March 12

Black and white

... and a little blue ! :b haha

What i wore: leggings - H&M, socks - ?, shoes - Urban Outfitters, cardigan - Just Female, leather jacket - Primark, bag - Aldo, tank/dress - H&M, long tee - American Apparel, circle scarf - American Apparel, bracelets - H&M, Glitter and a chinese luckycharm bracelet, necklace (not seen) - Glitter.
More pictures coming up! :b my camera ran out of battery...
Love, Rosa <3


- Acid-wash Jeans

- Harem Pants

- Jumpsuits

(The jeans are from Cheap Monday. The harem pants and the jumpsuit are from Silence & Noise)
I want these 3 pieces so bad!