Monday, March 30

Grey, grey, grey

Not much to say about todays outfit, except i hate the cardigan and i love the necklace.

I had the weirdest morning ever. Woke up and looked at my clock, it said 7.5o (i had to go at 7.45), so i just said to myself ''well, whatever, ill just skip the 2 first lessons, but then i wrote to my mom ''mom, i overslept this morning, skipping the 2 first lessons'' but then she wrote ''when will you have to catch the bus?'' i wrote ''at 7.48 normally''. Then she wrote ''Rosa, its 7.26'' (at that time i was still lying in my bed) and i was just like ''what ?! but my watch says its 8.26!'' so guess what, i had to hurry quite much. Stupid daylight saving time-thing. At least i made it to the bus in time, and arrived at school in time as well.
Im gonna be home alone the whole week, since my dad's in Berlin. Finally home alone.
Also, im trying my best to sell my sequinsdress and my gucci-belt. Anyone interested in a Gucci-belt?
Love, Rosa <3

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