Monday, March 9

Cool and sweet

This outfit is from today, felt a bit cool with the leather and all.
Had a good day, not great, just good. Was very tired, almost fell asleep once. I almost didnt sleep last night. I have some serious sleeping issues at the moment, and i kinda dont know why...

I feel like my leather jacket is too big. My mom forced me to buy it 2 sizes bigger than my real size, cause the sleeves were a bit too short (i have very long arms! go figure...). A bit sad about that, since i love it already.

What i wore: highwaisted darkgrey skirt and navy circle scarf from American Apparel, blue loose long tank, grey socks, light grey cardigan and black shiny leggings from H&M, white shoes from Urban Outfitters, golden necklace from Glitter and black leather jacket from Primark.
Love, Rosa <3

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