Thursday, April 30


Love these pictures!
Specially love the jeans on the 2nd picture, Balmain, mmmm...

Love, Rosa <3


- love it, love it, love it..! Mary-Kate Olsen.

Been a very boring day, so far, not gonna get better i think.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, April 29

Paris street-style

- oh i love the shoes!!!

Source: The sartorialist.

Can't wait for may 20th! Twilight!! Yay!! :D

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, April 28

Drawing ..

- Painted by me. It's one of my girlfriends from my class.
I was bored in biology-class so i decided to draw her, hahah.
Sorry for being a bad blogger lately, but there's something wrong with the net. Quite annoying.
I'll be back for good as soon as i get it fixed.
Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, April 25

News x 4

My new clothes!!
Picture 1+2: Blue/white oversize striped blouse from Gina Tricot
Picture 3: White tulip hem tunic from Gina Tricot
Picture 4+5: Miami flower tunic from Topshop, which i'm going to wear tonight at my school! Looking forward to it. Haven't partied since vacation which was like 2 weeks ago i think?
Picture 6: Studded purse from Gina Tricot.
Love, Rosa <3

Friday, April 24

Gemma Love

She's so gorgeous. Gemma Ward.
Figured, since i'm sick and therefor at home, i wanted to blog a bit. It's been some time since last, so. Also, my new clothes from Gina Tricot have arrived! I'll blog pics later. My dress from Topshop hasn't arrived though. That's a bid sad since i have to use it tomorrow. Hmm! I think i might have to choose something else to wear instead....
Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, April 19

School calling

- Wish i could look like this when going to shool. (Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl)
Weekend's over, school is calling, yay?
Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, April 18

Peyton & Miami

Considering buying this top. Looks very comfy. It's from Gina Tricot, and it's only 129 kr. (like £15, i think)

Also considering buying this dress from Topshop (£25). Going to wear at the next party at my school.

That's it for now. I have no idea what im going to do tonight. Probably going to be the most boring weekend ever, since i didn't anything last night either. Hmm....

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, April 17


Yeah, she's quite cool isn't she? - Anja Rubik -

Thursday, April 16


I've never been the biggest fan of Lindsay Lohan, but i love this look. The jeans are from Balmain. By the way, gosh! She's so skinny!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, April 15

Fashion Frames: Nerdy Cocktail

(Me doing an ''Anja Rubik'', see Vogue March 09, a personal joke between me and my friend :b)
This was definitely my favourite shoot! I don't really know why, but well...
What I'm wearing: new dress from Gina Tricot, stockings and shoes from H&M, necklace from Asos and wayfarer glasses (not mine).

That's it for now, I've got no more pictures from our Fashion Frames-photoshoot that I want to share, hah :b
Love, Rosa <3

Fashion Frames: Some People Just Want Peace.. Some Just War

Haha, i started posing like i was fighting, then i decided to take my littlebrothers sword and posed with that instead :b.

What im wearing: cardigan, tank, necklace and leggings from H&M, flats from Pieces and skirt from American Apparel.

Love, Rosa <3

Fashion Frames: Wild Fringe

What im wearing: stockings and dress from H&M.
Love, Rosa <3

Fashion Frames: Messy classic

What im wearing: hareempants from Gina Tricot, blazer from Topshop, necklace, shoes and tee (for male) from H&M, t-shirt from H&M (for male).
Love, Rosa <3