Monday, May 18


Ok, so, I bought this blazer at, and I'm sorry to say that I'm actually a bit disappointed. It's totally not what I expected. The seller wrote it was navy - it's pretty much black. She also wrote that it was longer than it actually is, and it's also wider than she told me. Hmm. Also it's got shoulder paddings, which makes my already very broad shoulders even broader, so I guess I have to make some modifications. I'll figure it out, besides that, it's actually a nice blazer, just not what I expected at all, but I mean, you have to know that when you buy clothes through the internet, right?

Still ill. It sucks pretty much. Maybe i'll post an outfit tomorrow, i don't yet. I have to go to bed now. I hope I'm better tomorrow. Arhh, runny nose!

Love, Rosa <3

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