Friday, May 29


Had a great day with my girlfriends today.
We took a trip to ''The Park of Memorials'' (have no idea if that's the right name for it), where a lot of 9. graders had their last school day (of course without lessons). They were all dressed up in costumes - meaning most of the boys wore girl clothes, and the girls wore hot-pants and bras. I don't get them. We just wore our normal clothes of course, since we had our last school day last year.´
The weather was really nice - as you can probably see on my terrible sunburn, one of the downsides by being a redhead. The sunburn will probably already be better tomorrow, it usually is.
Now I'm just exhausted. Sitting here and watching a movie (again).

Cardigan - BikBok. Dress - H&M Divided. Necklace - H&M. Leggings - H&M. Shoes - Pieces. Earrings - Pilgrim. Bag - Aldo. Jacket - Nümph. Scarf - American Apparel.

Love, Rosa <3

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