Sunday, July 26


Leaving for Paris tomorrow. Seriously can't wait. Me, my mom and my sister are going to Disneyland tuesday, wednesday and thursday, and then Paris from thursday to saturday. Since my mom hates shopping and my sister doesn't have any money (she's moving) I got 1 day for shopping, but that's plenty.

Source: picture 1: Google. Pictures 2+3+4: taken last year by me.

Love, Rosa <3


Packing for Paris. How is all of this going to fit into 1 bag?

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, July 23

Alexa Chung

Totally love her style!

Love, Rosa <3


Just stumbled across Savannah and Sienna Miller's brand Twenty8Twelve, and I really like it. What do you think?


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Dream Outfit of the Day

Everything is from Topshop.

Looking through almost all the RTW FW '09 on at the moment. I need inspiration, right now!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, July 22


Just inspiration. Love the jacket and the bracelets.
Sorry for lack of posting lately - not much is happening in my life at the moment --> no inspiration. It is vacation after all. Can't wait to go to Paris next monday!

Source: Jak & Jil

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Sunday, July 19

Picture of the Day

Amazing photo!

Magazine: Flair, January 2009, ''Cristalli Frange Piume''
Photographer: Jean-Francois Campos
Model: Rachel Clark

Love, Rosa <3 


The beautiful Emma Watson for Elle Magazine, August 09.

I don't know..
Again I feel like there's non inspiration these days - I'm just at home, literally doing nothing.
My little brothers birthday today, he didn't want to do anything, so I ended up watching the whole Tour de France stage - exciting, but I need to get out! I was really hoping that we would go to an amusement park, but like I wrote, my little brother just wanted to stay home and play computer games.

By the way, me and my mom went to see the new Harry Potter movie - it was brilliant! Definitely worth watching if you like magic and all that stuff - and of course if you like the other Harry Potter movies.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, July 17

Dream Outfit of the Day

Everything is from Topshop

Love, Rosa <3

Magic Black

I'm a total sucker for black/white pictures and I loved this editorial in Vogue Germany.

Magazine: Vogue Germany May 2009
Editorial: Magic Black
Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski
Model: Arlenis Sosa

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, July 15

This Day

Had a great time walking around in Århus today with Nanna. We looked at clothes, just walked around, took pictures (well, a few - should have taken some more) and drank milkshakes at our favorite spot Juice Stop. Had a lot of fun - thanks for a great time. More pictures of my outfit tomorrow - I'm seriously tired.

I wore: Shirt - Zara. Shoes, jewelry & tank - H&M. Pants - Gina Tricot. Bag - Aldo. Black Wayfarers.

Love, Rosa <3

Gina Tricot

One of my favorite high street stores are coming to Århus! Me and Nanna we're walking around in the city, when we discovered the poster above. I think we both started screaming a bit - it's so great! 
The store will open the first of October this year, seriously can't wait. Finally we're going to be able to buy their jewelry and shoes, and no need to pay shipping anymore!

Love, Rosa <3


Dress with studs - 199 kr. ($38)
Body-con dress a la Hervé Leger - 199 kr. ($38)
Animal printed body-con dress - 149 kr. ($28)

Acid-washed body-con dress - 149 kr. ($28)

All pieces are from H&M Divided.

Non of the items above are on my musthave list, but I need all of them, so I guess if I can't find the dresses (or something better, though I doubt it :b) in Paris, I'll buy them when I get back.
Aren't they nice though?

Love, Rosa <3


3 danish fashion magazines. Vogue will have to wait 'til I go to Paris - it's most likely to be cheaper in France than in Denmark. 

From left: Danish Cover June/July '09. Sirene July '09. Costume August '09.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, July 13


My new bikini which my mom bought for me a while ago, it's from Gina Tricot. Haven't used it yet though... I bought the earrings in Antwerp, they're from H&M.

Love, Rosa <3

My Musthave List

I've written a list of what I'm allowing myself to buy this season (yeah I know, it's kind of late now). I started writing on it at the beginning of June, and I'm not so proud to admit that I've actually only bought clothes that's not on the list since then.

Well, here it is anyways: (I've checked the things I've got so far)
[x] - Boyfriend blazer (mine is from Topshop, and I've also got a vintage one)
[x] - Retro sunglasses (got my black and my white Wayfarers)
[  ] - Mesh leggings (thinking of buying the ones from American Apparel in black, what do you think of them?)
[  ] - Killer heels
[x] - Statement necklace (mine from H&M isn't really that statement, but still..)
[  ] - Statement t-shirt
[  ] - Nude colored skirt
[x] - Jean short (got the ones from Zara, and also a pair I've made myself)
[  ] - Cut-out leggings
[x] - Ripped jeans (ripped a pair of grey jeans from Lee and a light blue pair from Cheap Monday myself)
[  ] - Acid-wash & bleached jeans
[x] - Jean shirt (recently bought one from Zara)
[  ] - Boyish hat (hmm, thinking H&M)
[  ] - Gladiator sandals
[  ] - Jumpsuit/romper/playsuit
[x] - Harem pants (mine's from Gina Tricot)
[  ] - Cycling shorts (either buy them or make them myself, haven't decided yet)
[  ] - Denim & leather vest
[x] - Leather jacket (bought mine at Primark last February)
[x] - Wedge shoes (got a pair from H&M, still wan't more though)
[  ] - High-waisted skirt w. geometric print (anyone know where I can find one?)
[x] - Large rings (I have 2, but I still want more of them)
[x] - Ripped tights (DIY'ed a pair from H&M, actually more than one pair...)
[  ] - Animal printed blouse
      + Studs (got a purse so far)
      + Zipper details
      + Nude colors
      + Denim (got jeans, shorts and a shirt so far)
      + Leather (got my jacket)
      + Jersey
      + Sequins
      + Fringes (I have a dress and a bag with fringes)
      + Geometric prints

You see, I'm not really good a lists - today I bought a pair of chinos - but I'll do my best to not buy anything else from now on. Actually I'm still adding more and more to the list, that's kinda stupid I know but I can't stop :b.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, July 12

Current Craves

Boots from Topshop. Jean shorts from Gina Tricot.

Love, Rosa <3


A tribute to the norwegian model Siri Tollerød. She's definitely one of my favorite models.

Love, Rosa <3

Trend: Monochrome

Alexander Wang

A.F. Vandevorst

Pictures from the AW collections. I think it's a nice trend, it's simple, yet you can play a lot with it, try different combinations, prints and so on.
What do you think of the monochrome trend?


Love, Rosa <3