Saturday, July 11

10 Facts

Thought it was about time I told you something about myself (like I haven't already, ehh ;b), so here's 10 facts:

1 - I love music. I sing way too much (not in the shower though), play the piano, bass and sometimes even a little guitar - only chords though, nothing fancy. Besides that I never leave my house without my iPod. I also study music at niveau A (the highest possible - meaning 5 lessons of music every week) at my high school.

2 - I'm dreaming about living in New York, but first me and Nanna are planning to move to London after high school - not giving up on my dream though.

3 - Besides London and New York, I'm also dreaming about wearing high heels every day when I'm done with high school. I'm 5'11'' and I don't like to feel like a giant compared to everyone else, so at the moment I rarely wear high heels - but only cause I still go to high school.

4 - I'm kind of lazy. ''Kind of'' meaning I love sports, but I just can't make myself train more than I already do. I used to train taekwondo (material arts) about 10-12 hours a week, but I don't anymore - I have a foot injury. Now I go to fitness instead but only 2-3 times a week.

5 - I have a little brother and 2 big sisters, also I have a dog (whom I love) - and my parents are divorced (woops, that's 3 facts...).

6 - I love my friends with all my heart - they're basically the reason I go to school.

7 - When I party (which I, actually, do quite often....) I tend to drink too much and start acting like a paparazzi - not so great.

8 - I recently (a month ago) stopped biting my nails - and I'm very proud of it. Now I have an obsession with nail polish - I always wear it and I change the color everyday.

9 - I've had braces. Wore them for 3 (or was it 4?) years. I had them taken off when I was 14, I think.

10 - My hair color is real, and I would die (well, almost) if I somehow turned bald or someone shaved my head.

Love, Rosa <3

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