Monday, August 31

Trend: Velvet

I love velvet! Actually. I think I might buy all 3 items (well definitely the 2 leggings) when I go to Sweden in less than 2 months now (weeeh). What do you think of velvet?

Love, Rosa <3


Trying to have a little fun with my camera :b. Can't wait to get a new and better one though. These are the earrings I bought today! I love them!

Earrings - H&M.

Love, Rosa <3

I hate mondays

This is what I wore today. Only had 5 hours in school - a very easy day! After that I walked around the city a bit with my mom (again), she's beginning to get quite interested in fashion. Kinda funny actually. Well! I managed to buy a pair of earrings that I've been looking at for a long time, so. By the way, is it just me or is it starting to get very cold outside? I'm freezing like ... I don't know..

What I wore: Dress - H&M Trend. Leggings & jewelry - H&M. New boots - Vagabond. Bag - Aldo. Scarf - American Apparel. Jacket - Nümph. (actually wore red nail polish also, but somehow I managed to scratch it all off before I took the pics).

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, August 30

Picture of the Day

I don't know who shot it, where it's from or who's on it, but the picture is beautiful!

Love, Rosa <3

Dream Outfit of the Day

Waistcoat & sweater - Gina Tricot. Headband, leggings, ring & bag - Topshop. Nail polish, boots, earrings, necklace & bracelet - H&M.

Felt like making another dream-outfit when I looked at the vest today. The outfit is a tomboy in my opinion. I think I might have to buy those boots when I go to Sweden, the more I look at them the more I like them!

Love, Rosa <3

Steven Meisel

Various photos shot by Steven Meisel who in my opinion is the master of black/white photos.

Love, Rosa <3

GG - again

Chuck and Blair - my favorites.

Yet another post about Gossip Girl. Still can't wait!

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, August 29

Dream Outfit of the Day: Glunge

At least I'm trying to make a ''glunge'' outfit, but it's kinda hard actually? Would have been more glunge if the jeans was ripped, but couldn't find any ripped jeans in my pictures. What do you think of glunge?

Bag - Alexander McQueen. Body, headband, jacket, ring & jeans - Topshop. Shoes & necklace - H&M. Belt - Gina Tricot.

Love, Rosa <3


Picture of the Day

Magazine: Vogue Paris, September 2009, BB.
Photographer: Mario Sorrenti
Stylist: Emmanuelle Alt
Model: Natasha Poly

Love, Rosa <3

Amber's Next Act

Leather, denim and studs - it doesn't get any better?! Love this editorial with Amber Valetta...
What a boring day. My dad's been working on my new room, I can't, 'cause he won't let me. The only thing I have to do is clean up my old room, which I already did? I wanna go shopping again...

Magazine: V #61 - Amber's Next Act
Photographer: Hedi Slimane
Stylist: Clare Richardson
Model: Amber Valetta

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, August 28

I went shopping today..

.. with my mom and she bought me these. I love them! They're from Vagabond and made of real leather, and (bonus) they don't make my feet look bigger!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, August 26

Dream Outfit of the Day: Monochrome

Sorry for non blogging lately, I'm just so busy with school and stuff.
It's been quite a long day today. I went to get my hair cut after school. It's a lot shorter than I'm used to I have to say, but whatever right? I'll show tomorrow you tomorrow - I'm way too tired to take pictures at the moment. Off to do homework, yay?

Bag - Forever 21. Jacket, nail polish, shirt & jewelry - H&M. Shoes - Din Sko. Shorts - Gina Tricot.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, August 23


Outfit from friday. Me and Nanna went to see Tina Dickow (danish singer/songwriter). Was a lot of fun and she was sooooo good!!
Right now I'm trying to do 2 french hand-ins. It's quite boring, really.

What I wore: Denim shirt - Zara. Tank - H&M Divided. Leggings, jewelry & flats - H&M. Skirt & scarf - American Apparel. Earrings - Pilgrim. Bracelet - Glitter. Leatherbracelets - ?. Bag - Aldo.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, August 20

At The Street

I love this outfit! Go sweedes!!
No homework today. Now, how did that happen?!

Love, Rosa <3

Greg Kadel

All by Greg Kadel. Definitely one of my favorite photographers at the moment!

Love, Rosa <3