Wednesday, September 30

Gina Tricot

Tomorrow I'll be going to the Grand Opening of the new Gina Tricot store here in Århus. I'm going with Nanna and we're ''kind of'' going to ditch school, since the opening is at 12 o'clock. I can't wait! Never been in a Gina Tricot store before, and I love their clothes. I think it's great that so many swedish high street fashion stores are opening here in Århus this fall/winter!

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, September 29

Picture of the Day

Love this photo! It's like dark magic...

Magazine: Unknown (sorry)
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø
Model: Natasha Poly

Love, Rosa <3

In Doubt

Thinking of buying this one when I go to Malmö in less than 3 weeks, but I'm not totally sure. I'm buying a cropped leather jacket as well, but I need something for the days when it's ice cold outside. What do you think of the jacket? I could need some opinions..

Jacket from Monki, 70€.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, September 27


She is amazing!
Sorry for lack of blogging lately. I've been very busy with school-stuff and also kind of non-inspired. I think it's because I haven't shopped in some time now.. But I don't know.. I'll try to step it up!

Magazine: Vogue Paris, October 2009, ''Kate''
Photographer: Inez & Vinoodh
Style: Emmanuelle Alt
Model: Kate Moss

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, September 24

Dream Outfit of the Day

Bag - Alexander Wang. Leggings - Generous. Vest, scarf, hat, gloves & earrings - H&M. Shirt - Monki. Boots - Din Sko. Necklace & bracelet - Lindex.

Uuuh, I'm sooo busy writing a danish hand-in for tomorrow. I hate it. It's so boring. But when I'm done, I almost have weekend! Which means party at my school tomorrow. Yay! Can't wait!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, September 23


What the ? This girl is only 15 years old! She has an amazing style. I love this outfit!

Love, Rosa <3


Picture from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2009. Love the shoes, but please notice the pants! I'm wondering what the rest of them look like...

Love, Rosa <3

Asta Nielsen

Love these pictures from German Vogue (October, 2009). They're so dark, beautiful and with Freja Beha as the model! She's been one of my favorites for a loooong time now. The editorial is shot by Karl Lagerfeld, who I think is a very very good photographer.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, September 22

Good Mood

Was just looking around, and found these pictures at The Cobra Snake. I get in a good mood just looking at them - the colors, the hair. They must have had a lot of fun backstage at the show I'd guess.

Love, Rosa <3

A Sequined Blake

Oh my god! I am so jalouse right now! That dress is perfect! And of course from Balmain. I have to say Blake Lively wears it so well. Like that she's added the green jewelry. It gives the look a nice twist. And I totally love her hair!!
By the way, has anyone seen the first episode(s) of the new season of Gossip Girl? What did you think of it?

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, September 20

Dream Outfit of the Day

Hmm, homework all day, you gotta love sundays!

Boots - Din Sko. Jacket, vest, ring, silver bracelet, blouse & gloves - H&M. Bag, leather bracelet & necklace - Lindex. Tights - Monki.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, September 18

Phi SS '10

Love it, love it, love it! Specially the cut-out leggings, the see-thru tops and the studded pants (at least I think it's studs), and the boots! Let's not forget the boots..

Love, Rosa <3

Finally Weekend!

Finally weekend. Feels like it's been the longest week ever! Which it probably has been. Now: relaxation, the, M&Ms and Gossip Girl!

What I wore: Blazer - Topshop. Tee & jewelry - H&M. Jeans - DIYed Cheap Monday. Shoes - Urban Outfitters. Leather bracelets - ?. Scarf - American Apparel. Jacket - Nümph. Bag - Aldo.

Love, Rosa <3