Tuesday, September 1

Sequined tuesday

Today's outfit. Only 2 hours of school, so was at home again at 10.40! Actually, normally, school would be finished in 10 minutes from now, hihih.
Can't stop wearing my sequins vest. I love it! Just hard to mix it in. And I seriously can't wait to go to Malmö. It gets harder and harder everyday to not use my money! Specially when I have to drive through the city everyday on my way home from school. Bah!

What I wore: Vest & jewelry - H&M. Tank - H&M Divided. Leatherbracelets - ?. Earrings - Pilgrim. Jeans - Diesel. Boots - Vagabond.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Neeeeej!!!
    Naturgeografi x2 var aflyst og dansk x2 var (hva fanden hedder det nu ??!?!) virtuel undervisning, så jeg gad altså ikk sidde og vente 4(!!!!) timer på at kunne få 1(understreger lige, 1!!!!) times engelsk....

  2. nice outfit !:D can you give some tips for denmark shopping?

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  4. Annis - Well, if you're going to shop in Denmark, mainly go for the danish brands (such as Vero Moda, Vila...) and vintage-shops, 'cause everything else is more expensive here, I think.