Saturday, October 31


Spotting a few pieces today when I went shopping.
I'd really like to buy the sequins dress, but I don't really have anywhere to wear it. I think the dress is a little too much to wear at one of the parties at my school. Hmm! It's just that it's so beautiful...

The blazer I bought - Gina Tricot. Another blazer - Gina Tricot. Sequins dress - Gina Tricot. Studded cardigan - H&M Divided. Tee with Madonna print - H&M Divided. Knitted dress - H&M Divided.

Love, Rosa <3

New Blazer

Bought this today, when I went shopping with Nanna.
Like it a lot since it's long and black, and it was 30% off!

Blazer - Gina Tricot.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, October 29


The piano lessons today went well I think. Just got a little nervous and have no idea why. I mean, it's just lessons? Anyways, I've had a great day. 8 hours in school, kind of boring, but overall a great day. I'm just really really tired.
Tomorrow I'll be going shopping to look for an 80's inspired dress since we're having an 80's themed party at my school. Going to be a lot of fun!
Can't stop wearing these leggings, they're so warm and comfy?!

What I wore: Dress - H&M Trend. Jacket, scarf & necklace - H&M. Leggings - Monki. Boots - Din Sko. Bag - Aldo.

Love, Rosa <3

Zara Shoes

If I wasn't as tall as I am, I would have bought these so long ago! They're hot!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, October 28


More street-style from Sweden. Gotta have that dress/top when Monki opens here in Århus (November 20th!). Love her stud bracelet as well.

Love, Rosa <3

Picture of the Day

What a boring day (yet again...). It's been raining literally all day! I hate rain...
Tomorrow I'll be having my first piano lessons since I was about 10 years. Looking forward to it.
Almost weekend?!

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, October 27

Tie Dyed

Outfit from yesterday. I'm just a little show updating my blog. And by the way, sorry for not wearing make-up on the pics. They were taken after I had taken a shower. Also, sorry for lack of blogging lately. No excuses.
Now, I'll be going to bed! I'm quite tired.

Edit: Yeah, I know my shoes are disgusting. I jumped around in a bunch of sand, and they turned light brown... Now they won't go back to being white again!

Scarf, jacket, necklaces, rings, dress - H&M. Leather bracelets - ???. Cardigan - Just Female. Shoes - Urban Outfitters. Leggings - Monki. Bag - Aldo.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, October 25

picture of the Day

Having a huge crisis! I have no idea what to wear tomorrow. Argh! I want my blazer...

Magazine: W, October 2007, ''Voodoo''
Photographer: Mert & Marcus
Model: Kate Moss

Love, Rosa <3

New Moon

Yup, I'm a Twilight fan and I'm looking very much forward to seeing the sequel, New Moon, at november 20th!
Right now I'm checking out the soundtrack for the movie. It sounds very nice. This is a song written for the movie by Alexandre Deplat. Like it very much, it's a beautiful song.
Some other artists featured on the soundtracks are Muse, The Killers, Lykke Li, Thom Yorke. Sounds good, right?

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, October 24

Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly's got such a great style! Besides being one of my style-icons, she's also one of my favorite models. She's so beautiful! Who's your favorite model of the moment?

Love, Rosa <3

New Outerwear

So here's the jacket and the vest. Both from H&M. Have to get used to the jacket being so big. I mean, it's huge and suddenly I feel so small (like.. tiny!!) when wearing. I'll pair the vest with my new faux leather jacket.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, October 23

Dream Outfit of the Day

Late blogging. Been very busy and I'm so tired!
I'll show pics of my new vest and my jacket tomorrow. Sorry, but haven't got time for it tonight. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Scarf & shirt - Gina Tricot. Jacket & ring - H&M. Top - Weekday. Leggings - Monki. Boots - Vagabond. Gloves & necklace - Lindex.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, October 22

In the City

Beautiful pictures and great inspiration.
Sorry for lack of blogging, that school project thing is really taking a lot of time, and I'm so tired when I get home from school....

Magazine: Flair, October 2009, ''In the City''
Photographer: Dan Martensen
Model: Jeisa Chiminazzo

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, October 20

Stripes Again

Just a little outfit post, now: homework, homework, homework! ''Project week''-thing about the climate crisis this week. Hate school-projects, they take too much of your time after school!

What I wore: Top & harem pants - Gina Tricot. Jacket, necklace & scarf - H&M. Bag - Aldo. Boots - Vagabond.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, October 19

Velvet & Stripes

Bought the faux fur vest at Trendsales today, the seller said she'd send it tomorrow, so hopefully it'll arrive sooner this week! Maybe even wednesday?
School started today after our fall break. Boooooring, but it was nice to see all of my friends again. And I couldn't help it. I had to wear some of my new clothing...!

What I wore: Oversize dress & velvet leggings - Monki. Necklace - Lindex. Scarf, bracelets, rings, earrings & jacket - H&M. Leather bracelets - ???. Boots - Vagabond. Bag - Aldo.

Love, Rosa <3