Thursday, October 1

Gina Tricot - The Opening

I'm telling you, it was crazy! I've never seen so many people stand in line in front of a store before. Come to think of it, I've actually never seen people stand in line in front of a store before...
The opening was crazy - there were so many people! The store opened at 12 o'clock, but me and Nanna waited until about 2 o'clock to check it out, since the was an enormous bunch of people outside.
At 12 o'clock we left the store (almost) next to Gina Tricot, and suddenly we could hear a lot of screaming and suddenly the crowd got smaller and smaller, and all the people were pushing.. Craaazyy... But it was a lot of fun, and the store had a lot of great stuff. I can't wait to spend all my future money in there! And of course in the new Monki and Weekday...

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Wow, hvor ser det bare crazy ud!! Men heldige er i - vil gerne ha' Gina til Odense.


  2. Balladen - desværre nej, da jeg skal til Malmö her i efterårsferien, så jeg skal spare. Men fik da spottet nogle ting som jeg gerne vil have fat i når jeg kommer derover ;).

    Miss Jeanett - vil tro at der nok skulle komme en til Odensen snart :b. Alle fortjener at have en Gina Tricot ^^.