Sunday, October 18

Malmö Shopping

This is what I bought this weekend while I was in Malmö. I'd hoped that we could buy my faux fur vest and my winter jacket too, but they didn't have the vest at all and none of the H&Ms had the jacket in my size, so we're going to buy them at their online shop. Hopefully they'll be here soon, since it's already pretty cold outside.
Besides shopping in Malmö we also went to see the Halloween exhibitions in Tivoli in Copenhagen, and yesterday evening we went to see ''Up'' in 3-D. Quite an experience I have to say.. The movie was a lot of fun, and the 3-D effect made it even funnier. Tip: if you have nothing to do, go watch ''Up'' in 3-D! :b
Next stop - the Monki and Weekday openings at november 20th!

From top left: Knit - H&M Trend. Knit - Monki. Knit - Gina Tricot. Mesh top - Lindex. Dress - H&M Trend. Necklace - Lindex. Faux leather jacket - H&M Divided. Velvet leggings - Monki. Tie dye leggings - Monki. Huge scarf - H&M. Wedge boots - Din Sko. Boots - Din Sko. Elle DK Oct 2009. Sirene Oct 2009.

Love, Rosa <3