Tuesday, October 27

Tie Dyed

Outfit from yesterday. I'm just a little show updating my blog. And by the way, sorry for not wearing make-up on the pics. They were taken after I had taken a shower. Also, sorry for lack of blogging lately. No excuses.
Now, I'll be going to bed! I'm quite tired.

Edit: Yeah, I know my shoes are disgusting. I jumped around in a bunch of sand, and they turned light brown... Now they won't go back to being white again!

Scarf, jacket, necklaces, rings, dress - H&M. Leather bracelets - ???. Cardigan - Just Female. Shoes - Urban Outfitters. Leggings - Monki. Bag - Aldo.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. great shades of grey and black. really like the outfit

  2. your very much a like as samatha ypma , model from ny model mgmt

  3. Anna Bu - Thank you :D
    Ryder - dont know her, I'll check her out :b haha :)