Friday, November 6

Early Weekend

Nothing special. I just wanted to share 'cause I'm wearing my new jacket and blouse, which I bought quite some time ago now, but I haven't shown them yet. I actually wasn't in the mood for full figure pics, but I ended up taking them anyways.
I'm taking the day off tomorrow (friday), since we're only having two lessons (2x45 minutes), and it takes me 2 hours to get to school and home again, so I figured that it'd be a waste of time. This means that the party at my school tomorrow is even closer! I seriously can't wait, though I'm not sure that the outfit I've picked is that 80's.... I'll show tomorrow!
By the way, this is probably is the coldest knitted blouse I've ever owned! I mean, it's holed, literally, but I liked so therefore I bought it!
I have a question - does anyone know how to make the pictures bigger? If you know what I mean... It's just annoying that they're that small...

Blouse - H&M Trend. Jeans - BikBok. Boots - DinSko. Jacket - H&M. Necklace - H&M.

Love, Rosa <3

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