Friday, November 20

New Moon

Yesterday I went to see ''New Moon'' with two of my friends and I have to say that as time went by after I came home yesterday, I realized how much I actually loved the movie.
It was really clear that they had a new director 'cause it was filmed in a different way, and there was a lot more color than in ''Twilight''. Also, it was so much more funnier! I mean.. I don't think I've seen so much humor in a movie that was 'supposed' to be sad before (maybe except from ''Moulin Rouge''). The vampires also looked better and much more ''unhuman'' - they were whiter and they wore better contacts so you could se the color of their eyes easier. The movie contained a lot more scenes from the book than ''Twilight'' did. They kind of had to rush through many of them - but I think it worked, and a lot of lines were taken almost directly from the book as well.
I think the upcoming movies will be better because of the change of director and they will probably appeal to more people because they're going to more ''Hollywood-like'' (you know - more color, more light, basically more of everything!).
I really, really want to see it again - and I usually don't go to the cinema to see the same movie twice.
The premiere of the movie in Denmark (where I live) is today.
As for myself, today I'm taking a day off from school. I'm not feeling totally well - I've got a huge headache and I fell kind of noxious. Besides that it would take me 2 hours to get to school and home again, while I'd only have 2 lessons - which is 1,5 hours. You see what I mean? Waste of time.. And we were only going to sing christmas carols after all :b .

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Uh, tak for anmeldelsen! Nu glæder jeg mig da bare endnu mere til at se den!

  2. Balladen - så lidt da :)
    og det burde du os, den er god :b