Tuesday, November 17


Wasn't really in the mood for a full figure picture, so here you go. I promise you, I'll take a full figure picture of the outfit I'll be wearing tomorrow.
Hmm.. Seriously, yesterday was probably the most boring school day I've had so far in high school - today was even worse! Somehow the net isn't working, that combined with geography lessons is not good! And - I haven't had enough sleep the last 3 days so I'm almost falling asleep during classes. Argh! 3 days left (only 2 'til New Moon!) until weekend - can't wait....!
But ehm, I better stop complaining.. Nobody wants to hear people complain endlessly - like I am at the moment, so, I'm sorry. I'm hoping you had a great day! More blogging tomorrow (or later, let's see :b)!

Leggings - Monki. Boots - Vagabond.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Og Nanna var der ikke til at sætte en fest i gaderne!!! :) JEG VED JO GODT, at det var det du tænkte :b

  2. ej men, tro mig, det har været SÅ KEDELIGT!!!!