Saturday, November 14

Wish, Want, Need

My biggest craving at the moment is definitely this camera. A Nikon D90. Love taking pictures, which I also do a lot - at parties, sometimes in school and also when I'm at home, but I only have a normal digital camera which sucks so I'm really hoping that I'll get this camera for my birthday in January. Can't wait! I was actually wishing for a piano, but my dad and his mom (my granny) gave me one last christmas, and I don't really need two pianos? Since then a lot has changed, and I've begun to like photographing so I'm really really really hoping to get this camera! It could also benefit the blog, you know...

Love, Rosa <3


  1. hvad er det egentlig sådan et nikon koster ?
    fordi overvejer nemlig også kraftig at sætte den på jule listen (: !

  2. Anonym - dette her kan man få for omkring 6700-7700 kr.. Men det kommer jo helt an på hvilket objektiv du vil have med, hvis det er et 18-200 kommer det til at koste omkring 8200 kr..
    Tjek evt ud :b