Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year: A Resume

Wow, it has seriously already been a year. I'm halfway through college - which saddens me, but at the same time makes me happy too, 'cause there are so many things I want to do after college is over. 2009 has really been a good year for me.

In January I finally felt like I fitted in at the new school. I met a lot of new people, I turned 17 (nothing happens at 17 - can't wait 'til I turn 18..) and I finally started blogging regularly. I didn't take a lot of outfit pictures 'cause I never thought that my outfits were special enough. I wasn't really as interested in blogging that much back in january, and I didn't know many designers either, but someone I did know off was Alexander Wang, and I loved his AW 08/09 collection. In my opinion it's his best work so far.

In February I went to London (the best part according to me was the days we shopped) and my interest for fashion finally took off. I started looking through a lot of different web shops, blogs and collections. I discovered trends - including fringe which I still love today, though it's not that popular anymore. I loved Proenza Schouler's pre-fall 09 collection. I went through Alexander Wang's AW 09 collection and felt disappointed (that changed though... I love the collection now). Gina Tricot finally started shipping to Denmark, and finally, Lily Donaldson became my favorite model.

In March I went to the qualifications for the danish championships in Taekwondo, but sadly I sprained my foot (I fractured a bone in the same foot at the end of 2008...) during my first match, and now I can't fight anymore. I stumbled upon Looklet and had (still have) a lot of fun styling clothes. I began loving Urban Outfitters - speciall their jeans. I also stumbled upon Fashionising - a very good source I have to say. My favorite colors mainly became black, white and grey - something that hasn't changed since then. I bought my chainy necklace which I must say really has been an investment (can a necklace be that?), I've used it more than any other thing in my wardrobe.

In April Erin Wasson was my biggest style-icon - still love her. I bought my black wayfarers (wondering if they'll be popular again this summer?). I began loving denim (specially ripped or destroyed..) and studs, though never wearing either. I bought my harem pants. Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl became one of my style-icons. Her style turned edgier and I loved it. Me and Nanna had our first Fashion Frames shoot. Matthew Williamson's first collection for H&M was released.

In May 2nd season of my favorite TV show - Gossip Girl - ended. I began loving shredded tees. Anja Rubik became one of my absolute favorite models. I ripped my first pair of jeans and bought a pair of white wayfarers. I started loving tie dye - though never wearing it myself. I also loved Balmain's SS 09 collection. I bought Twilight on DVD - which surely has been an investment. I ripped a pair of jeans for Nanna. Me and my friends celebrated the 9th graders last day of school (hahah) and I got a terrible sunburn. Finally, by the end of May I opened my eyes for the 80's.

In June we didn't have any lessons 'cause we had to prepare for the exams (in Denmark we have exams each  year of college) which also meant just being at home wearing sweat pants and a loose tee. During June I loved the military trend and flower prints. I stopped biting my nails and began wearing nail polish every day. I loved Rag & Bone's resort 2010 collection. I began making dream outfits. Me and Nanna went shopping, and I bought my first pair of huge rings and my denim shirt. I started loving ripped tights and mesh - though, again, never wearing it myself. Anna Selezneva became one of my favorite models. By the end of June, me and my friends went to a party at my school and the summer break began. Michael Jackson - one of my absolute favorite musicians - died the 25th. June the 30th I went off to the Netherlands and later Belgium.

By July the 10th I was home again. In Belgium I had bought my beloved x-body bag from Urban Outfitters. I stumbled upon Stockholm Streetstyle and stylish swedish people became a huge inspiration for me. Natasha Poly and Siri Tollerød became some of my favorite models. I began loving monochrome outfits. I posted my first musthave list (you can call it sort of a shopping list). I went shopping with Nanna again - but couldn't use any money since I was going to Paris later - and we discovered that Gina Tricot was opening a shop in Århus. I discovered that most of my favorite pictures actually are black/white pictures. I began loving sequins and huge and chunky bracelets. Alexa Chung became one of my style-icons. By the 27th I went off to Paris and Disneyland with my mom and my youngest big sister.

By August the 2nd I was home again. In Paris I'd bought my black/white geometric patterned sweater and my shredded tee. Went shopping again the 4th and bought my first headband. Terry Richardson became one of my favorite photographers. Me and my mom started planning our trip to Malmö, and I fell in love with Monki. I went to a beach party and the outfit I wore was one of the ''chosen'' at Style Gallery. School started again the 10th. Greg Kadel became one of my favorite photographers. Me and Nanna went to a Tina Dickow concert. I went shopping but I didn't have any money, so my mom bought my lace-up boots for me. Steven Meisel became one of my favorite photographers - specially his black/white pictures. I began loving velvet. I also went to the pre-premiere of ''The Proposal''.

In September I wasn't allowed to shop at all 'cause I had to save money for Malmö which was kinda hard. Black shoes were amongst my favorites - specially the ones designed by Alexander Wang. I began loving Weekday. I really started loving photography as well. Helmut Lang became one of my favorite designers. Me and some school mates started making a movie. I discovered that Weekday and Monki were opening stores here in Århus in November. I began loving cut-out leggings. I also went to see ''Inglorious Basterds'' sometime in the beginning of September. At the 15th the 3rd season of Gossip Girl began - something I'd been looking forward to for a long time.

By October the 1st Gina Tricot had its Grand Opening. Me and Nanna went there, but there were too many screaming and pushing girls. I didn't buy anything when we finally went into the store, because I had to save money for Malmö. I saw Balmains SS 10 collection and loved it. I also loved Givenchys SS 10 collection. I bought my blue tie dye jeans for just 100 kr. (19$). I fell head over heels for the Burberry Prorsum lace-up boots. I saw Alexander McQueens SS 10 collection - and I still don't understand how the models (and Lady Gaga for that matter) can walk in those shoes.. Dree Hemingway became one of my style-icons. I finally got my first closet and moved to a new room in the basement of our house. I began loving all black outfits. Karlie Kloss became one of my favorite models. Went to celebrate two of my best friends' birthdays (they're twins) and played Guitar Hero for the first time. By the 16th I went to Malmö, where I bought a lot of the key items in my wardrobe and saw ''Up'' in 3D. Natasha Poly became one of my style-icons. I finally started showing outfits regularly.

In November I went shopping with Nanna and my outfit was one of the ''chosen'' again at Style Gallery. I went to see ''This Is It''. I loved the biker look. Maryna Linchuk and Anna Selezneva became some of my style-icons. I went to an 80's party at my school. Frida Gustavsson became one of my favorite models. I fell in love with clothes from Modekungen. Me and two of my friends went to ''New Moon'' marathon - I loved the movie - and a week later we went bowling with 4 other friends. I started craving for a Nikon d90 (though wanting a DSLR since summer). Me and Nanna had our 2nd Fashion Frames shoot. Monki and Weekday opened their stores at the 28th, the next I went to see ''A Christmas Carol'' in 3D. 

At the beginning of December I shopped a lot. Amongst the pieces that I bought is the dress for new year's (today) - the one with the chains. I was on the front page of Chictopia. I saw the Victoria's Secret Show. Amanda Nørgaard became one of my favorite models. My room was finally done. It started snowing like crazy in Denmark, so the party at my school was cancelled and the holidays began. I posted my 2nd musthave list, made a snowman, danced around our christmas tree and got a lot of presents. And at last, I have to admit that I've finally started shopping at sales.

Ok, that took longer than expected to write. This post is probably mostly meant for me, so that I can see how my style has developed through the year, and I can see that is has changed a lot. At the beginning of the year of was way too shy to wear what I'm wearing now.

Tonight's outfit will have to wait 'til later or tomorrow. I have to be done in an hour and I haven't even taken a shower yet... Not good.
I hereby wish you all a happy new year! See you again in 2010!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, December 30

Blue Velvet

Wore my new leggings yesterday when I went shopping (again).
There sure were some stares.. Guess people in Århus aren't used to colored velvet.. or velvet at all for that matter...
Now I better go get some breakfast!! It's 1.58 PM here in Denmark = time for breakfast. I'm sooo hungry.
Hope you have a great day!

Scarf, dress, jewelry & jacket - H&M. Cardigan - Gina Tricot. Leggings - BikBok. Boots - Din Sko. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3


Went shopping yesterday. Bought myself a new red nailpolish from Gosh and a long black hoodie from Gina Tricot.
I stumbled over a pair of tight sweat pants from H&M Trend that I really liked, but I have to have a second opinion on them before I decide wether to buy them or not... They were really nice though.
In the evening I played Wii sports with my littlebrother, hah, and Guitar Hero of course. Our Wii just came with the mail yesterday, so it's totally new for us. It was a lot of fun!!

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, December 28


So this is what I wore today! It was a bit cold outside, but whatever...

Blouse/dress - Gina Tricot. Jewelry, scarf & jacket - H&M. Leggings - Monki. Bag - Dixie. Boots - Vagabond.

Love, Rosa <3

Big Shopping Day

Went shopping today! There were a lot of people, because sale begins today, but I found some stuff on sale too!
I usually hate shopping on sale, because I never find anything, but these pieces I've wanted for a long time...
The vest is a bit big though, but I'll live with it!
I think I'm going shopping again tomorrow. There are still some pieces that I'd planned to buy, but couldn't because my money hadn't been transferred to my account. I actually had to go home to get 500 kr. (98$) from my dad and then go back before the clothes were sold. Luckily I only live 7 minutes away from Århus ''downtown''.

Necklace & bracelet - H&M. Velvet leggings & sequins harem pants - BikBok. Faux fur vest - Vila.

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, December 26


I've developed a new model crush. Magdalena Frackowiak.

Love, Rosa <3


Late blogging yet again, but my sister wouldn't let me go.. I mean, we were eating dinner at my mom's and at 10 o'clock I just felt like being alone, but she was like ''nah, you can't leave, mom's leaving tonight and Maj (my other big sister) is leaving tomorrow...''. Argh...
And then I had to take pictures of what I wore, hope you like it! Wearing my new silver top by the way. I totally love it! And it's soooo comfortable to wear...! Besides that I'm also wearing new earrings, new bracelet and a new ring (which two of my best friends gave me). Oh, and I've also curled my hair, hihih.

Jewelry, top & shoes - H&M. Leggings - Monki.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, December 25


Perfect shoes. I'd really love a pair like these. The heel isn't too high (is that what it's called :s?) For me, so I'd be able to wear them in school. Does anybody have any idea where to get a pair like these? Without them being two expensive?

Source: SheCity

Love, Rosa <3


So, did you have a nice evening? I did! We ate, ate again, danced, sang, opened presents, had fun, ate a little more.
Here's what I got (and I love it all!): bracelet, earrings and ring from H&M. Mascara from Rimmel. 100 kr. (19$) to spend in H&M. 500 kr. (96$). A curling iron from OBH Nordica. Muse - The Resistance (CD). Plaid shirt from Monki. Silver top/dress from H&M. Leopard patterned top/dress from Gina Tricot. Striped top/dress from Monki. A book that I've read before and don't understand a word of (my grandmother thought that she couldn't just give us money, she had to give something besides that too :p). A bag for my laptop. A bag for my camera (that I don't have yet, but now I know that I will get it for my 18th birthday!!!). Oh, and my mom gave me some ''Twilight'' postcards and a ''New Moon'' calender, haha, guess she's trying to make fun of me :p.
Tomorrow we're having late lunch (dinner + lunch) at my mom's flat, so I guess I will dress up a bit and curl my hair, yay! And I might take an outfit picture..!

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, December 24

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody! (Finally)..
We're having dinner in 15 minutes, so I better hurry...
As you can see we've finally decorated (*cough cough* I've finally decorated...) the tree, and I made a snow man yesterday! He's not that pretty anymore though.. He's tilting to his left and his face is totally brown because of his eyes (I took some fruit-things that were spiced without knowing... hihi). Oh, and his nose is getting black, but whatever! Christmas is here!!!
I hope everyone is having a great, no, wonderful evening with their family, friends, whoever you're celebrating Christmas with!
Now I think I will go upstairs to my family, I'm getting quite hungry, and I've waited for this meal for like a month!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, December 23


Liya Kebede looks absolutely stunning in these amazing photos! Loving the poses and the huge hair looks good on the photos.

Magazine: Elle Italia, January 2010
Photographer: Alexei Hay
Model: Liya Kebede

Love, Rosa <3

My Musthave List #2

Just like last July, I'm now postin my musthave list for this winter. It's a little late, considering we're almost halfway trough winter, but a lot of the pieces on the list are usable for spring/summer too, and maybe you could get any good ideas for what you might need in your wardrobe..
Started writing this at the ending of last season (around August), and it's done. Now I just have to get all the pieces!

[x] – Combat/biker boots
[  ] – Thigh-high boots
[  ] – Asymmetric dress
[x] – Mesh tank/blouse
[x] – Metallic dress/pants
[  ] – Leather gloves/fingerless
[x] – Buckled-up ankle boots
[  ] – Sequins skirt/dress
[x] – (faux)Fur vest/jacket
[x] – Skin-tight jeans
[x] – Sequins vest/blazer/cardigan
[x] – Headbands
[  ] – Boyish hat
[x] – Animal printed blouse
[  ] – High waisted pants
[  ] – High waisted shorts
[x] – High waisted body-con skirt
[  ] – Dress with mesh
[  ] – Jumpsuit
[  ] – Thin black studded belt
[  ] – Leather gilet
[  ] – Velvet dress
[x] – Velvet leggings
[x] – Plaid shirt
[x] – Short leather jacket
[  ] – Leather-like shorts
[  ] – Oversize leo cardigan
[x] – Tie dye jeans/leggings
[x] – A new LBD
[x] – Parca
[  ] – Sequined leggings
[x] – Dress with shoulder focus
[  ] – Leather pants/leggings
[x] – Blouse with shoulder focus
[  ] – Sequined harem pants
[x] – Oversized knits
[  ] – Lace top w/o sleeves

Hope that inspired you a little!
I should actually go to bed now, but I don't want to. I'm going to pick up my grandmother tomorrow at 2 PM, so it's not like I have to hurry tomorrow. I just tend to oversleep 'til 1 PM.
And finally, my big sisters are coming home tomorrow! Can't wait to see them!!

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, December 22


I know that this is a fashion blog, but here's a personal post.
Today our Christmas break finally started. That means off from school in two weeks and we we're supposed to a party at the school this evening too. It turns out that because of all the snow (you can't see it on the picture, but it's snowing like crazy...) the party is cancelled. The school couldn't get any busses for tonight, and therefore people can't get home. I was looking so much forward to the party, hmm... It sucks. Now I don't really know what to do for the rest of the day/evening. I'm already bored! Maybe I'll build a snow man.. If it'll ever stop snowing.
Hmm, and some people expect the snow to be gone by thursday.. I can't see how that's possible right now.
As I promised yesterday, I will, of course, be posting the outfit I wore yesterday. But not now - later.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, December 21

Picture of the Day

Sorry, but I haven't really had time for blogging today. Me and my mom went gift shopping, and now we're totally done!
I'll show my outfit from today tomorrow. Promise!
Tomorrow the Christmas break starts, and in the evening I'm going to a party at my school with my friends. Looking very much forward to it!
Maybe I'll post two outfits tomorrow. Hmm, we'll see..

Magazine: Elle Russia, January 2009, ''Na Beka''
Photographer: Andreas Sjödin
Styling: Annemarie Curtis
Model: Caroline Winberg

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, December 20

Dream Outfit of the Day

We're getting closer and closer to the 24th! Only 5 (or is it 4?) days left... My vacation starts tuesday, which I'm looking very much forward to. Haven't had any breaks since the beginning of october (or something like that, don't really remember...).
Today I'm not doing anything else than homework. I've got 3 hand-ins for tomorrow, yay! How dare the teachers give us hand-ins in the last week before the break... Stupid, stupid teachers.... Anyways, well I kinda have to hurry, 'cause I overslept - which also means that I can't sleep tonight, argh! Hope you're having a better sunday (4th advent!) than me!

Top & scarf - Gina Tricot. Bag - Urban Outfitters. Shirt - Monki. Shoes - Vagabond. Hat & jewelry - H&M. Jeans - Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, December 18


A little trashy, but I like it! Specially those shorts on the first picture...
Don't remember where I found the pictures, sorry.

Love, Rosa <3

Finally weekend

This is what I wore today. Have you noticed the spider on the wall beside me (it's right above the switch at the second picture...)? I hadn't seen it when I took the first pictures, but then I took the pictures where I'm facing the wall, I noticed it and it freaked me out! I hate spiders (which isn't a good thing when you're living in a basement...)!!  Argh.. Can't look at these pictures anymore, it gives me the creeps...
Didn't do much in school today. Actually I almost didn't go to school, since we met late, went to Aros (an art museum/exhibition ''thing'' here in Århus) and after that we went to my school to sing Christmas carols for 1,5 hours.
After that me and Nanna, went gift shopping and it was a success! I'm officially done with shopping christmas presents!
Watching 'Friends' right now, and as soon as that's over, I'm going to watch the newest episodes of 'Gossip Girl'. I'm quite behind...

Dress - Weekday. Leggings, scarf, jewelry & jacket - H&M. Boots - Din Sko.

Love, Rosa <3