Monday, December 28

Big Shopping Day

Went shopping today! There were a lot of people, because sale begins today, but I found some stuff on sale too!
I usually hate shopping on sale, because I never find anything, but these pieces I've wanted for a long time...
The vest is a bit big though, but I'll live with it!
I think I'm going shopping again tomorrow. There are still some pieces that I'd planned to buy, but couldn't because my money hadn't been transferred to my account. I actually had to go home to get 500 kr. (98$) from my dad and then go back before the clothes were sold. Luckily I only live 7 minutes away from Århus ''downtown''.

Necklace & bracelet - H&M. Velvet leggings & sequins harem pants - BikBok. Faux fur vest - Vila.

Love, Rosa <3

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