Sunday, December 13

Dream Outfit of the Day

Here's my dream outfit of the day!
Yesterday I went shopping with my dad (who did come home friday, just really, really late...) and it was a success! Plus I didn't buy anything for myself, wow? I'm very proud of myself...
Now there's only 11 days until christmas! Seriously, make time go faster, please? I still have 7 school days left before the holidays....
Now I'm off to clean up some mess in my old room, which I should've done 2 months ago.. My dad's been pushing me to do it for a long time, so I better go do it now. After that homework and then sleep. Hate sundays...

Shoes - Acne. Sunglasses, watch, beanie & scarf - Topshop. Tunic - Gina Tricot. Leggings & jacket - Monki. Bracelet & necklace - H&M. Bag -

Love, Rosa <3

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