Thursday, December 17

Momsen again

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm one of those who love Taylor Momsen's style. I know there's been all this talk about she's too young to dress like she does, but whatever right? I still love it, no matter how old she is. I'd probably do almost anything to get her wardrobe. Hmm, reminds me, I better get a pair of sunglasses like that for summer..
It keeps on snowing outside, and it's cooooold! I'm tempted to keep on with my countdown, but I don't want you guys to get tired of me, so I won't.
I've had quite a busy day myself, or not.. I was late for school because of all the snow, late for piano, late with doing my homework, even the hand-ins... Not great, but I don't really care.
Let's see if we can get an outfit picture tomorrow.
How was your day? Is it snowing where you live?

Love, Rosa <3

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