Wednesday, December 16

Numéro #109

Loving these pictures from Numéro #109 (December 2009/January  2010). The poses are perfect and I like the location. The photographer is Richard Bush, and the model is Monica Jagaciak. There's just something about black/white pictures.
Today when I woke up my dad said to me ''Oh and Rosa, it's been snowing during the night...'', and was like ''Crap! I have to go out there in 50 minutes!''. Don't get me wrong, I love snow - when you're inside drinking hot chocolate and watching movies, but when you're outside, it's freezy! Hmm, but there is something about snow, it's beautiful, and it really gets you in a Christmas mood. Oh, and now it began to snow again....
Maybe I'll take some pictures (with my crappy camera) if the snow's still there tomorrow. We'll see...
Hope everyone had a great day!
8 days until Christmas Eve!

Love, Rosa <3

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