Friday, December 11

Rings, bracelets & more

Wow, I need to get more big and chunky jewelry once I have money again. Mary-Kate Olsen's jewelry looks great in this photo! Kind of loving her sunglasses as well...
Had a great day with my friends. We went home early though, since everyone had appointments and stuff. But it was a lot of fun anyways.
As soon as I got home, things weren't as funny anymore. I had no idea where my dad was! I still don't know, and now it's getting kinda late (it's 10.24 PM in Denmark). His car is here, his bicycle, his running shoes and our dog is here as well... Quite weird, huh? I hope he'll be home soon...

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Sorry, har slet ikke set din post... Er din far hjemme og alt er godt?! :/

  2. NLR - jep, han kom hjem 23.30... sagde han havde været til møde på skolen.. hmm, stadig underligt, så sent og hvordan er han dog kommet derud?? Men whatever... Ham om det...