Friday, December 25


So, did you have a nice evening? I did! We ate, ate again, danced, sang, opened presents, had fun, ate a little more.
Here's what I got (and I love it all!): bracelet, earrings and ring from H&M. Mascara from Rimmel. 100 kr. (19$) to spend in H&M. 500 kr. (96$). A curling iron from OBH Nordica. Muse - The Resistance (CD). Plaid shirt from Monki. Silver top/dress from H&M. Leopard patterned top/dress from Gina Tricot. Striped top/dress from Monki. A book that I've read before and don't understand a word of (my grandmother thought that she couldn't just give us money, she had to give something besides that too :p). A bag for my laptop. A bag for my camera (that I don't have yet, but now I know that I will get it for my 18th birthday!!!). Oh, and my mom gave me some ''Twilight'' postcards and a ''New Moon'' calender, haha, guess she's trying to make fun of me :p.
Tomorrow we're having late lunch (dinner + lunch) at my mom's flat, so I guess I will dress up a bit and curl my hair, yay! And I might take an outfit picture..!

Love, Rosa <3

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