Friday, December 31


My wardrobe last year:

My wardrobe now:

The pictures from last year were taken at the 25th of January, so there's almost a year between (and that was right after I'd bought the Docs by the way).
Don't know what to say except that, well, I have a lot more clothes than I did last year (also, keep in mind that I have a pipe-thing next to my closet - with clothes hanging on it as well).
Not much to say about the outerwear except that I love my green jacket, which I bought this month! And since I no longer have space enough in the closet for my scarves, they've now joined my jackets outside of the closet.
About the shoes, well, I'm not much of a shoe-buyer, I've only added 8 pair of shoes (as far as I can count..) to my collection during this whole year. In my opinion those have been 8 great pair of shoes though.

Conclusion: I gotta get myself a job.

Maybe I'll do a resume or something of this year later today or maybe tomorrow. Don't know yet.
I'm celebrating tonight at home this year with my mom, since I'm still sick (she's sick too and she didn't attend our christmas eve because of work, so...) but that doesn't mean I can't dress up like everyone else! Outfit pictures tomorrow for sure!

Anyways, if I decide to do the resume tomorrow, I just want to wish you all a happy new years eve! I hope you'll have the greatest time!

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, December 29

I, the music junkie

One of my readers asked for a picture of my entire cd collection. Well, I've decided not to show you them all, since I have some pretty embarrassing cds (we're talking Christina Aguilera, Destiny's Child, stuff like that) that I never listen to, so I thought I'd just show you my favorites instead - the ones that I listen to at the moment.
I love cds. I like the feeling of actually holding the music in my hands. Sounds kind of weird, but I can't explain it. Downloads are just.. boring. Sorry. I do download songs from iTunes from time to time though, but never entire albums.
But anyways, here you go. The newest addition is Oasis' ''(What's The Story) Morning Glory?'' which I got monday. Very good cd. Definitely recommendable.
It just hit me, I need more Nirvana. And RATM. And Arctic Monkeys. Oh, and I definitely need some Radiohead. And I could go on, so I'm gonna stop now. Hope you have a great day. Bye!

1. Come As You Are - Nirvana. 2. Jeremy - Pearl Jam. 3. Killing In The Name (live) - Rage Against The Machine. 4. Some Might Say - Oasis. 5 Street Spirit (Fade Out) - Radiohead. 6. Cochise - Audioslave.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, December 27

Two more things to love

Buying stuff from American Apparel is never a good idea. 'Cause after receiving the package, and finding out how comfortable and soft the pieces you ordered are, you just want more. Or at least that's typical for me.
Guess I have some more wishes to add to my birthday wish list!

Both pieces are from American Apparel.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, December 26

Presents for me

Here's what I got for Christmas! Well, almost. I got some more stuff, which I'm gonna exchange at some point.
First thing, I'd just like to say that, yes, I'm a CD-freak, hihi. I love buying/getting new CDs to my so far kind of small collection, but I'm hoping it'll grow bigger with time. These 6 CDs are amazing, imo!
I got the earrings from my dear friend, Nanna, and I'm very pleased with them I gotta say. They're really pretty.
And the cellphone is, hmm, needed, and pretty good too, hah. My mom actually told me that she'd bought an HTC Desire for me, but then when I got the present it turned out to be an HTC Desire HD. What a pleasant surprise. Amazing phone. Quite big too. But that's cool.

Love, Rosa <3


Christmas is over. It's back to fashion-blogging. After this post. Hihi.
Had a great Christmas in Hillerød. Very cozy, very relaxing. The food was amazing, of course, and the tree was as beautiful as it used to be.
The only downside basically is that I'm sick. Which sucks. I hate spending my vacations/holidays being sick. It's just a waste of time.
But, anyways, I hope all of you've had a great Christmas and gotten some great gifts (and of course - eaten some delicious food....) - I'll show you mine asap.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, December 22

See you on the other side

Hello guys!
Our Christmas Holiday finally started yesterday! Weehee! Meaning: Christmas will be just around the corner! I can't wait!
We're leaving tomorrow morning and not coming back till very late the 25th. Not sure that I'll be able to blog from where we're going. Depends on if they have wireless net of course. But we'll see. So, I just wanted to come by and wish you all a very, very merry Christmas. May it be the best you've ever had!
And that's it. I'm out. Bye bye!

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, December 18



Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, December 16

New in

Despite what I wrote yesterday, I just felt like showing you what I bought from H&M 2 weeks ago and received today.
The perfect summer top imo (and on sale!) and the softest winter jacket I've ever owned. The jacket looks a bit weird when hanging there, but I think it looks nice when wearing it.
And no more nail polish for me! Well, at least until next year. By the way, the nail polish to the left looks chocolate brown, it's not, it's more very dark red-ish.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, December 15

Status update

Hi guys!
I'm gonna follow my dear friend Nanna's footsteps, and tell you guys what I'm doing these days and why I'm not blogging. You see, at senior year in Danish High School, you have to write these 20-page long assignment which you have 14 days to do. And that's what I'm doing these days. The deadline is the 21st of December, so there's less than a week left, but I'm doing ok so far, considering I haven't had a chance to work on it the whole past week.
Anyways, just wanted to tell you, so you'd understand why I'm not blogging that much these days.
By the way, my assignment is about the youth movement in the sixties, the Vietnam war and protest music, which I find quite exciting! So I also get to listen to a lot of music these days, which is cool.

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, December 13

Nailpolish bomb

Hey guys. Just wanted to give you guys a tip - though you probably already know about this. This summer when I went to London I bought 3 nail polishes from American Apparel - and I absolutely love them. The quality is fab and the colors are amazing. They're 9 euros a piece, which might be a bit much, but like I said they're amazing. I've had mine since summer and they're still way more than half full.
So that was it. The tip for today. I gotta get back to my assignment. It's not going good - at all!

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, December 12

On my wish list

Exciting wishlist, huh?
Sitting in out hotel room here in CPH and it just came to my mind that Christmas Eve is actually only 13 (well, now 12) days away and I seriously can't wait!
So I wanted to show you some stuff that's on my wish list, but it turned out that the biggest part of my wish list is basically various CD's so I'm gonna leave those out. And what's left? Well, I'd truly love to own Rachel Weisz entire outfit. I believe the picture is taken during the making of ''The Brothers Bloom''. I really adore her jacket and her boots. Very cute. And of course, I've had my current cellphone for 3 years now and I really need a new one since it's been broke for 1,5 years. An HTC Desire is my dream phone. Anyone got good/bad experience with that one?
Anyways, going home tomorrow and then I have to start writing that huge assignment again. Sucks, but there's nothing I can do about it. It's gotta be done.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, December 10

Suddenly it's over

Hello beauties!
Yes, those are crappy pictures cause, yes, I look incredibly drunk, which in fact, I am, but I don't care. And yes, my right leg looks very weird in the last picture. But I just wanted to show you what I wore at the musical we threw wednesday night. It was an absolute blast! I will show you pictures later from the party and from our rehearsals.
By the way, those are my new cross earrings that I am wearing....
And later today I'm going to Copenhagen! Even though we have this huuuuuuge assignment right now that we have 14 days to write (in my case only 11 because of musical). Better get started actually - I'm way behind already.

Hat, Dixie. Earrings, Fashionology. Shorts, Gina Tricot. Blouse, Topshop. Rings, H&M. Socks, ASOS. Boots, Tiamo.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, December 7

Easy to let go

Hey guys...
I just wanted to show you some jewelry my mom gave me last week. Pretty neat, huh?
Thinking of changing one of the earrings to a necklace instead, 'cause I don't think I'll ever wear both crosses at the same time.
Anyways.. It's pretty late, I know, but yesterday I went to bed at 7 AM after partying and then I slept 'til 12.45 PM so I can't sleep right now.
But tomorrow I'll have to get up early, 'cause we have to perform at 12 AM and then later again at 7.30 PM. It's hard! Can't wait to show you guys pictures though. We're having so much fun these days!

Earrings & necklace, Fashionology.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, December 2

Sound of silence

Hello guys!
Came home from musical rehearsals maybe 1,5 hours, then took a shower and right now I'm falling asleep lying here in my bed.
But I guess what I just wanted to say was, I'm still here - just not blogging that much, and therefore I want to apologize for the silence. I'm also not dressing very fancy these days 'cause we're rehearsing musical so much, so all I want to wear is harem pants and loose sweaters. Very comfy but not so glam.
Anyways, 'just' 6 days to go now and merry December 2nd!

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, November 30

My heart's on the floor

Hello! Here's a smaller photobomb for you of what I wore today. Very warm and very comfy. Me likey.
Anyways, the next few days, or actually it's more like a week, I won't be able to blog as much as I'd like to. And that's because tomorrow we'll be rehearsing musical 'til 11 pm. That counts for thursday as well. And friday we'll be rehearsing 'til 8 pm. And saturday 'til 10 pm. And I think you get the point....
But I'm really hoping that I'll be able to blog. Just a little!
Otherwise - wish me luck?

Dress, H&M Trend. Rings, H&M. Socks, Asos. Dr. Martens.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, November 28

As time flies


Hello guys.
Today I've been rehearsing musical all day (actually, I'm still at rehearsals), just like yesterday.
This upcoming week is going to be the hardest. Musical from wednesday 'til next wednesday. All days 'til 11 pm. Just.. plain.. crazy.
Therfore I won't be blogging much either. Maybe a couple times during classes, but besides that, probably not, and I'm sorry. I'll fix some pictures from our rehearsals for ya instead, if you want.
Anyways, the outfit is from friday, and yes, I've already worn those pants once this week, but I can't help it! They're too comfortable!

Hat, Dixie. Cardigan, Gina Tricot. Scarf, Zara. Tee, jacket & rings, H&M. Pants, H&M Trend. Boots, Tiamo. Bag, Topshop. Cape, Glitter.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, November 25


Those are some real crappy pictures, hmm, but whatever.
Outfit from today. It's snowing today - a lot! And it's been extremely cold. So I wore a beanie for the first in 5 years! It felt nice, 'cause neither my forehead or my ears were cold. Very, very nice.
Tomorrow there'll be this café at my school, something I'm looking very much forward to. It's always nice and cozy when you're sitting there talking to your friends while drinking a beer or two (in my case cider - I can't stand beer...). So yeah, can't wait 'til classes are over.
But anyways, I'll leave you to it (or whatever it's called...?). See ya!

Beanie, gloves, jacket & rings, H&M. Cape, Glitter. Blouse & bag, Topshop. Leggings, Monki. Boots, Tiamo. Scarf, Zara.

Love, Rosa <3


Amanda Nørgaard is awesome. She's a great model and she's got an amazing style too.
Who wouldn't mind owning a jacket like hers.
And since pay day is coming up next week, I wanna ask - does anyone know where I can find one like it?
And yeah, I've been posting too many pictures of models with great style, I'll stop now.

Source: Unknown.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, November 24

Two hundred

Hello! And yay! Finally hit 200 followers! Thank you so much for following!
Nice way to celebrate by posting the most simple outfit ever, right?
Anyways, just wanted to wear something really comfortable since we were rehearsing musical today.
Also, I have a new note for myself: tomorrow. please wear more than just a leather jacket. It's freakin' cold outside! Good thing is that there's snow. I love snow. Can't get enough of it! Well, maybe if it began snowing in june, but that'll never happen.

Top, blouse & bag, Topshop. Jacket & jewelry, H&M. Scarf & jeans, Gina Tricot. Dr. Martens.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, November 23

Hey! It's snowin'!

Note to myself: I'm never wearing heels in snowy weather anymore. I almost slipped 20 times or something when I had to go home from school. From now on: Docs, Docs, Docs...
Anyways, pretty tired. Came home from the dentist not so long ago. Guess what? I have perfect teeth, hahah. It sounds incredibly selfish, but that's what the dentist told me. Very, very nice. And I guess that means one less thing to worry about.
And the last thing - I thought the song would be fitting. But don't mind the start. The sound is taken from the music video, so...

Shirt, Zara. Scarf, Monki. Tee, gloves, jacket & leggings, H&M. Bag, Topshop. Cape, Glitter. Shoes, S///Bar.

Love, Rosa <3

Ruby obsession

Yes, it's an obsession. I would die to get my hands of that necklace! And I really fancy the hat too!
Anyways, right now I'm at home. Kind of preparing myself (mentally that is) to go to the dentist. I hate dentists. No, correction, I hate going to the dentist. Dentists are actually usually really nice... but I still don't want to go.

Source: NLR

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, November 22

I'm still here..

I'm just extremely stressed these days. I'm in need of some days off from everything, but it's just impossible.
Well, this ''situation'' I'm in at the moment, means I don't really have a lot of time left for blogging, which sucks, 'cause I really wanna blog, but I just don't have the time.
I'll have a lot more time in two weeks though, which I'm looking very much forward to. But by then I'll have to write this big paper that I have 2 weeks to write, so by then I won't be dressing up or anything. But we'll see. I'll figure out something.

Cardigan, Gina Tricot. Jacket & tee, H&M. Scarf, Monki. Pants, H&M Trend. Bag, Topshop. Boots, Tiamo.

Love, Rosa <3