Sunday, January 31

Sowing Season

Sowing Season (Yeah) by Brand New. Love it.

Love, Rosa <3


Me and Nanna had a sleepover yesterday, where we watched ''Titanic'' and ''Never Been Kissed''. We took some pictures on our way to get some ice cream (mmm, Ben & Jerry's), was a lot of fun and it was snowing! I ''accidently'' set the camera to manual focus before taking the pictures, so that's why the pictures might be a bit blurry..
And yes, I know I'm wearing the same clothes as I did friday, but didn't go anywhere saturday, so lazy as I am, I just threw on the same outfit :p.
Hope you've had a great weekend. I have..

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, January 29

Wearing the new boots

Finally weekend!! And I finally wore my new Doc Martens for the first time. I hate wearing new shoes, 'cause they also hurt in the beginning.. I'm sure that these boots will be the best in 2 weeks or so. Right now the leather is just a bit stiff.
Doing anything funny this weekend? I am!! Tomorrow me and Nanna have arranged a sleepover at my house! We're going to eat brownies and Ben & Jerry's, and we're going to see ''Titanic'', ''Dirty Dancing'' and ''Closer''. Can't wait!

Dress - H&M Trend. Scarf & jewelry - H&M. Leggings - Monki. Boots - Dr. Martens.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, January 28

#400: Givenchy's spring

Still in school. Right now we're having music lessons. It's boring...! I love music, but I kind of hate our teacher.. he's a really bad teacher....
Instead of listening to him, I've been going through some fashion shows at youtube, and stumbled upon Givenchy, which I've already seen before, but it just hit me how much I really like this collection!
Love, Rosa <3


Sitting in school right now, having danish lessons. Right now, we're learning about documentaries, which we're also learning about in media as well. I have to say that it's a lot more fun in media...
Only 4 hours left of school for today, then 4 hours tomorrow, and then weekend! That doesn't seem like such a long time??

My 3 favorite necklaces. All from H&M, one of them is a gift from my friends.

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, January 27

Spring, spring, spring

Gosh, I feel like I need to shop right now. Haven't shopped since the beginning of this month! Ok, that's not entirely true, I did buy the Dr. Martens boots last sunday, but....
I'm not going shopping until February 15th, actually. I don't have any money yet, but if I had I'd definitely buy some of these pieces!!

All clothes from Monki.

Love, Rosa <3

Tuesday, January 26

Trying to stay warm

Wore this outfit hoping that I could stay warm while wearing my cropped leather jacket, but then it turned out to be even colder today. Yay... So of course I wore my huge parka - still not able to stay warm though..
Oh, and I definitely have to practice using the new camera for outfit shots...

Hoodie - Gina Tricot. Leggings - BikBok. Tee - American Apparel. Necklace - H&M. Boots - Din Sko.

Love, Rosa <3


Boring history lessons. Instead of listening I'm looking through pictures at WeHeartIt. Great site, go check it out if you haven't done so yet.
This morning when I woke up, my dad told me that it was -14 degrees outside, and I was just like ''what??'', unfortunately it was true. It's freaking cold outside. I miss spring...

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, January 25

Plaid monday

Hihih, taken with my new camera. I feel like I just want to run around the house while taking pictures of everything...

Shirt - Monki. Top, jewelry, jacket & scarf - H&M. Pants - H&M Trend. Bag - Dixie. Boots - Din Sko.

Sunday, January 24

My new camera

This is what I got for my birthday!! A Nikon D90. I've been walking around all day taking pictures of everything... But geez... It's huge when you're used to a digital camera!

Love, Rosa <3

My day in pictures

I've had a great day!!!! :)
This is weird, I'm actually a grown-up now...

Love, Rosa <3

Guess whos birthday it is?

Weee!! I'm turning 18 years today!!!
Having a great day with my family. We were supposed to go bowling, but somehow my little brother managed to talk all of us into staying home, hmm.... I thought the birthday child was supposed to decide everything?
Later I'll show my present, hihih.

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, January 23

My new babies

This is what came for me in a package yesterday: My new Doc Martens! Aren't they beautiful? Have to get used to them making my look just a bit bigger though, but that shouldn't be hard!
Tonight I'm going clubbing with my 4 best friends. We're celebrating my 18th birthday, which is sunday (tomorrow). Looking forward to it!
Right now: enjoying my last day as a 17 year old, not a grown-up yet, and I guess I have to try finding my sister and my parents. They've somehow managed to disappear....

Boots - Doc Martens.

Love, Rosa <3

Friday, January 22


Outfit from wednesday. I don't really know why I didn't post it earlier, but.. I had the pictures on my computer, so here you go.
Finally weekend, can't wait for tomorrow evening and saturday.. yay!
Today I got a package! I'll show you what it is later.. hihih...

Top & jewelry - H&M. Leggings - Monki. Boots - Din Sko.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, January 21

Fav looks from SS10 #1

Charlotte Ronson. Charlotte Ronson. Bottega Veneta. Balmain. Charlotte Ronson. Balmain. Balmain. Ann Demeulemeester. Acne. 3.1 Philip Lim. Balenciaga. Alexander Wang. Alexander Wang. Alexander Wang. Alexander McQueen.

These are the first part of my favorite looks from the SS '10 runway shows. I have a lot of favorites actually...
In school right now. So boring. Only 4 lessons left now (out of 8...). Geography, hmm..
Outfit from yesterday later! And sorry for not blogging yesterday, I wasn't home until 11.00 pm.

Love, Rosa <3