Monday, January 11

It's cold outside

It's like it's getting colder and colder outside. Though it's not... at least I think (and hope) so. I'm starting to look more and more forward to summer, though I'm one of those people who actually like spring and fall more than summer.
Long day in school today, I'd only had 4 hours of sleep or so, so staying awake while watching a documentary about politics in media was actually a bit hard...
Right now I'm doing homework (hand-ins of course) which I better get back to... I sincerely hope you're having more fun that me..

Knitted sweater - Gina Tricot. Leggings - Monki. Scarf, jewelry & jacket - H&M. Boots - Din Sko. Bag - Aldo.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. amazing scarf and leggings, love alll shades of grey. also enjoy some of your earlier posts with the black and white geometric h&m dress. great style!

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  2. bloomingvogue - thank you so much :p

    kim - thanks !!! :)

  3. Love this outfit! The necklace is fantastic =]!