Tuesday, January 5


Lithium by Nirvana.
It hasn't been long since I last posted a song, but I felt like posting this one as well... It's so ''bah, I don't care''. Love it!
Today I'm going to see ''Avatar'' in 3D with my mom, and afterwards we're going to eat sushi - wiih, one of my favorites. I'm very excited about the movie, 'cause I've actually only heard good things about it.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Årh, jeg ELSKER den sang! :)
    Du har god musik smag :)

    Kig forbi :-)

  2. Momo - haha, gør jeg os :p tak tak :) tror faktisk næsten det er første gang jeg har hørt det fra nogen, alle mine venner hører meget anderledes musik :p