Tuesday, January 5

More shopping

Went shopping today with Nanna. I'd already what to buy so I just had to go get it - and pay of course. The necklace was kind of an impulse thing. I've been looking at it for a long time and Nanna encouraged me to buy it, so I did.
Now I don't have any money until next month, which is really weird since it's only the 4th. Hope I'll get some money for my birthday the 24th... Along with my camera...

Pants - H&M Trend. Leggings - Monki.  Necklace - H&M.  Hairspray - Garnier. Nail polish - Gosh. Nail polish remover - Matas.
Presents from my mom: lip balm - ?. Deodorant - Kenzo.

Love, Rosa <3

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