Tuesday, January 5


Wearing my new hoodie and my new pants..
Before leaving the house, I was so afraid that people might stare at my pants while I was shopping, but it was like nobody actually noticed they were sequined.
It's just that, I don't like to get too much attention, you know? Guess I didn't today.. Lucky me :p.
I just hate people who stare because you're wearing something different. It's kinda not fair and it's really rude too..
Oh, and I was actually also wearing my chainy multi necklace, but I accidently broke it... Bah, my favorite necklace.
Hmm, I better go to bed now. More blogging tomorrow! :)

Hoodie - Gina Tricot. Tee - American Apparel. Scarf, jacket & jewelry - H&M. Pants - BikBok. Boots - Vagabond. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3