Sunday, January 31


Me and Nanna had a sleepover yesterday, where we watched ''Titanic'' and ''Never Been Kissed''. We took some pictures on our way to get some ice cream (mmm, Ben & Jerry's), was a lot of fun and it was snowing! I ''accidently'' set the camera to manual focus before taking the pictures, so that's why the pictures might be a bit blurry..
And yes, I know I'm wearing the same clothes as I did friday, but didn't go anywhere saturday, so lazy as I am, I just threw on the same outfit :p.
Hope you've had a great weekend. I have..

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Ahhh,that damn Titanic.It always makes me cry.But I always watch i again and again and again :)
    You look great,I love those tights and Dr.Martens.
    And the color of those sneakers is great!

  2. Mila - Titanic is an amazing movie :p
    and thanks :) hihih