Wednesday, January 6

The sweat pants

So, these are my new pants! And yes, I see them as pants and not tights. They have a zipper.... and nice detailing on the knees.
Today was the first day of school and gosh I'm tired. I lay up most of the night because of stress - I have 6 hand-ins or something like that due to before monday! And tomorrow we're going to start shooting our second movie.. I know we've just had a long break, but it's too much! I mean, we are allowed to have a life besides school, right?
Anyways, enough with the complaining, it was nice to see the girls again and exchange holiday memories and stuff...

Pants - H&M Trend. Blouse - Gina Tricot. Jewelry, jacket & scarf - H&M. Boots - Din Sko. Bag - Aldo.

Love, Rosa <3

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