Monday, January 18

Velvet and stripes #2

Been filming all day, I'm so tired!! And the streets outside are sooooo slippery. I mean, there's like 60 meters to the next bus stop from where I live, and I almost fell 6 times.. Please, get rid of the snow and the ice??
This is what I wore today, hmm, gotta start layering more, I think?
The hoodie is a gift from my mother. It was actually my littlebrother's but he didn't want it, so my mom suggested I'd have it, and I accepted 'cause who doesn't want free clothes?
It's a big too big for me, but that's the way I like hoodies.
Better go to bed now, it's getting pretty late, and I have a long day tomorrow! See ya!

Dress & leggings - Monki. Scarf & jewelry - H&M. Boots - Vagabond. Hoodie - H&M Divided Blue (or male).

Love, Rosa <3

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  1. Lovely! And i agree, the bigger the hoodie the better!!