Sunday, February 28

I'm back home

I'm finally home after spending a long weekend in Copenhagen. My sisters had arranged a surprise party for me, really sweet of them. So saturday I partied with my sisters and my cousins.
Almost couldn't get home this morning 'cause there was a bomb threat in Roskilde. Turned out that it was nothing. Hate people who pull those kind of jokes....
While I was in Copenhagen I shopped a bit as you can see. Not sure I'm keeping the blue top yet though...

Mint top & blue top - Monki. Scarf - Zara. Nail polishes - Urban Outfitters.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. OHGAWSH. I've always wanted to go to Copenhagen. :(

    P.s. Your style is so cuuuuute, Rosa! ;)

    Follow me, please? <33

  2. Melanie M - hahah, thanks :)
    you should go, Copenhagen is a nice city :p