Saturday, March 13

Dancing on a friday

So this is what I wore yesterday at the party.
Looking at this picture I see that my outfit maybe was a bit too elegant for a school party, but I don't mind. We had a great time and it was a lot of fun...!
Today I'm sitting in the sofa watching ''Grey's Anatomy'' and drinking tea (again). I just need to relax before going to a party again tonight. Someone from my class turned 18 (last year, hmm...) and she's celebrating tonight, so. Not sure I'm going though, 'cause I kind of have a stomachache...

Dress - Monki. Necklace, ring & tights - H&M. Shoes - Din Sko.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. thanks for your reaction!
    ps love the necklace^^

  2. you looked FABULOUS : )

  3. I really love your dress & your shoes : )

  4. thank you very much everyone :) !!!!

  5. argh!:). you drive me insane:), i lovelovelove it! lol. i really love your shoes and the way your jewlery fits in to make it not look so over the top :)
    very nice xo

  6. Fur Knee - Insane ? hope that's a good thing then :p and thank you :)

  7. Cute outfit! I love the lacey dress. Great blog. I'll be following it for sure. Aldo vote for me at United Colors of Benetton please! Thank you.

  8. Snoblak - thank you very much and welcome!! :)
    of course I'll vote for you :p

    Queen of Mayhem - thank you :D