Tuesday, March 16


Outfit from yesterday. I couldn't get online (cause of the stupid net..) so I couldn't upload, but here you go! Better late than never, right?
Only two school days left until my vacation starts, so you can imagine how slowly time passes...
I've been feeling quite uninspired lately, I think I really, really need to shop, and I know that that sounds stupid, but  for me adding a tee or just a top to my wardrobe, sometimes works wonders. Unfortunately for me, I don't have any money until the beginning of April.

Cardigan - Gina Tricot. Top, jewelry & jacket - H&M. Scarf - Zara. Jeans - BikBok (Never Denim). Boots - Shoe'Shi Bar. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I LOVE this outfit!
    Girl, your blog is very unique and rocks!
    I follow you ofc.
    Can you please follow back if you want?

  2. FashionFreak - thank you very much, and welcome :)
    Of course I'll follow back :)