Wednesday, March 10

Monochrome me yet again

Oh geez I look moody in the first picture.. Sorry 'bout that!
Wearing my (probably) favorite blouse again. Can't help it, I love it!
Also love my boots. After wearing them for a whole, It's like I almost can't walk in flat shoes again... They're so comfortable!
Anyways, today was a very short day in school. The two first lessons were boring though - everyone had to sit quiet and listen to our teacher talking about Mahler, Mozart and Beethoven. Yesh, that's what we do.. But I don't mind, in just 9 days now, we're (as in me and the rest of my class) going to Vienna and I can't wait!
And now I gotta go take a shower, bye bye!

Blouse - H&M Trend. Necklace & jacket - H&M. Leggings & scarf - Monki. Boots - Shoe'Shi Bar. Bag - Dixie.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I'M IN LOVR WITH THIS SWEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 <3

  2. aw my gosh, this is soo cool. i really love the tights and sweater! :)

  3. Minette - thank you :p

    Fur Knee - thank you very much :)